Receiving Unknown Emails, Files, etc

by Esbeth · 12 posts
5 years ago
Posted 5 years ago · Author
If you receive a file and you are unsure if it contains keyloggers, h4c|< programs etc... before you even think about opening the file run it through this link and let it scan the files first to make sure you and your computer are safe.

Hopefully this helps some of you when you get something you are unsure of who or where it came from.
Posted 5 years ago
There are many ways to get rid of damn viruses.
But I hope that the way you propose will be faster.
With effective AntiVirus programs, we can get rid of viruses.
But I see that all of these programs are being filled with viruses by the people who have been published.
We fall in this way.
This really makes me nervous.
And we have to legally get a license by making payments to such programs.
This is very sad :(
Posted 5 years ago
Really sweet tool
Thank you for sharing. I tested it against one of the mafias tools since my Norton almost always complains about them and all 16 scanners on Jotti's site reported it malware free. Quick, easy, bookmarked. Thumbs up! :)
Posted 3 years ago

Can u explain about this program
Posted 2 years ago
You upload the suspicious file to webpage and it scans with many different Anti-Virus programs and shows you the result. It is working fine for general file types and viruses. But when a specialy coded virus or file has been scanned, it sucks as the code hasn't been known by servers and AVs(antivirus). Also there are other methods. Forexample you may think I download and check the file if it is safe however what if the website has exploits and stealing information. Basicly, if you are not sure what you are doing or heading, dont head or click.
Posted 2 years ago
It is a useful topic, everyone should know about it because some people's accounts can go because of it.
Posted 2 years ago
Yes,that will be good to know,tnx

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