Just another day in imvu

by John Mason · 2 posts
5 months ago
Posted 5 months ago · Author
Welcome to the blog, maybe I'm gonna post regularly now I think. So today I met a girl previously we had a fling in an online room and she kind of left for a few days. I was asked out by another woman in amidst of this all I posted the pictures with the other girl. Damn the girl started to post-fire in my comments she was really jealous of us. And so began the anger she stopped meeting me in the rooms. I grew curious as we were not that serious I waited for her to calm down It took nearly 2 days !!
Finally, she calmed herself I apologized and said what I felt, I never knew girls would be so jealous on a social app. I guess it's a life of its own in IMVU. So we made up and my god she was so horny she didn't even let me finish my talking and suddenly came out to kiss me. It was a sudden movement and I asked her if she was sure of it. And then I asked her to go out with me, She replied with a yes! Now we gonna go on a date in a few hours of course the virtual one!
I'm gonna post another one soon, take care and thanks for all the credits mafia fam :awesome40: :awesome40: :awesome40: :awesome40:
Posted 1 week ago
I think thats good of you. lets be friend at imvu @nz1000 and play together.

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