Our family wishes Don a speedy recovery

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by DataMine · 31 posts
8 months ago
Posted 8 months ago · Author
This evening, on July 17 2022, Don Von Alpha Dom was admitted to the hospital for 1, possibly 2 common but major surgeries. Out of respect for his privacy I won't go into details about the nature of the surgery but I will say it is not life threatening and he should have no trouble fully recovering.

I do not know at this time how long the recovery will be or how active he will be during but I would expect BM orders to be delayed during this time and I ask that customers please be patient and respectful.

Don, our family wishes you an uneventful, successful surgery and a speedy recovery!
Posted 8 months ago
:panda33: much love and prayer to the great spirit in the sky and all the others watch out for our brother may not have them one-off situations interfere we need this man back up 110% not real close with very many here but I do consider and will fight and cry just the same for everybody is family get better soon brother

front lines are coming to the door real quick my apologies in advance but I might have a little bit of bait the bad guy genetic.
:working: May the alpha don get his ass off of vacation healed up and back on for real though! you're irreplaceable

of course everybody is but thank you data and thank you Alpha for everything you've done for the world that they don't even know happened these days you guys are unsung heroes
Posted 8 months ago
Don i wish you a speedy recovery and please do not overwork yourself after the surgery take as much time as you need, there is no rush. Also hope everything goes well with your surgery and you are back to being healthy :)
Posted 8 months ago
A speedy recovery to you, Don Von. Thinking of you at this time.

-The McLoughlin Clan
Posted 8 months ago
My best wishes for you Don to get well soon and have a quick recovery.
Take care of yourself.
Posted 8 months ago
The Bianchi Family wishes Don Von a very speedy recovery.

Hearing the news weighs heavy on us, but know whatever controls the universe will take care of our friend.

We hope to see him again soon and wish him a speedy recovery and many more years of health and life.
Posted 8 months ago
Wish the Don a speedy recovery! glad it's not life threatening
Posted 8 months ago
wishing don a speedy recovery!

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