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@ramon ALFA

Which version of Blender are you using?

Yeah, IMVU has a daily transfer limit, mostly based off of your tire ...

Developer positions only require contact over either Skype or Discord. Go ahead and send me a PM with your contact info and developer skill set. I can get you setup as a black market sex product developer.

You have not purchased T3DE from us. Support for the software is available after purchase.

Good work. I assume it grabs the saved password from the computer's local registry and decrypts it?

Welcome back. We made sure to leave things exactly as you left them.

Make sure you are using a proxy / vpn and a script blocker then. Else, every single website you visit can see where you are. That's sort of how the internet works ... the data has to get to you somehow.

Transfer limits are based on a variety of factors, not just tier level. IMVU inc has not made all of the factors public, but I have heard that if you change your name, email, or password .... that it lowers your limit considerably for about a month. I'm not sure what the other factors are.

No clue. Sounds like she might be using some sort of 3D editor to do her head morphs. I just use notepad.
Ubiytsa Derive from a male or female avatar (PID 80 or 191) Create a new asset named blink.xpf This will override the default blink.xpf used by the avatar. Here default code that goes inside of blink.xpf <HEADER MAGIC="XPF" VERSION="919" /> <ANIMATION NUMTRACKS="80" DU...