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What are the IMVU Mafias?

We have 80000+ members, 900+ monthly active members, 18000+ monthly visitors, 2800+ paying members, 120+ staff members, 5 daily active paid staff members (and hiring), active shout box with staff always on duty, active forums with 142000+ publicly searchable posts covering every subject on IMVU you can think of, chat rooms, and an underground market for selling; tools, products, digital resources, credits, accounts, etc ...

The IMVU Mafias was started in 2007 as an organization for helping children earn free credits and products. This was in response to IMVU inc creating a rule that bans anyone who begs for credits or products. We started as an organization for helping people.

2009 - 2011 we gave 11000+ free IMVU VIP's, 44000000+ free credits, and created a bot that earned our members billions of free predits. Around 2012 we declared victory against IMVU in the war against poverty when IMVU added a free credits section to their site.

2007 - 2010 we fought wars against 7 different black hat h4(k3r organizations h4(k1n9 people on IMVU, and we won all 7 wars, successfully removing all of IMVU's most prominent black hat h4(k1n9 groups.

2009 - 2010 we shut down 2 child sex slave operations on IMVU.

2011 we worked with a lawyer to sue IMVU for their removal of trigger music and won; a few months ago IMVU was forced to pay everyone back for this.

2012 when IMVU started adding malware / spyware to the IMVU Client, we started making our own version of the IMVU client without spyware. To this day thousands of people come to our site to download our clean light version of the IMVU Client.

2010 - 2015 we led the adult sexual revolution on IMVU; successfully decimating all 6 of IMVU's security systems against sex products on IMVU; we won. To this day, we are the number 1 safest site for sexual products and services on IMVU for adults. People are safe to love and make love.

2015 when IMVU banned all credit resellers, we created a market where people can continue to buy and sell credits; with a successful trust level system to prevent scamming.

2007, 2010, & 2012 our site was destroyed 3 times and each time we re-built it bigger and stronger than ever; instantly arising from the ashes with the full might of our community.

Our team of developers, programmers, and scientists are leaders in new technology on IMVU; producing new innovative tools, protections, and products.

We are a family, We are a business, and yes ... we are an organized crime syndicate. When the users of IMVU face an enemy; wether it be IMVU staff setting up unfair rules, hackers plundering accounts, poverty crushing the little man, or technical burdens; we are the first and last line of defense. We protect each other. We help each other. We love each other. Together we heal, we learn, and we grow. Together we are strong.

The IMVU Mafias is a community dedicated to the betterment of IMVU as a whole by providing a safe haven where users can learn, discuss, and receive help throughout their IMVU lives; ranging from educational to militia activities, the IMVU Mafias offers extensive programs and resources that will ensure you find what you seek.

I need help by my_name at Thu 28 Nov 08:10

Could someone tell me creators who use triggers in clothes with animations, women's clothes, thanks, outfits

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weirdos - there were child sex slaves operations on imvu ? by glomistq at Thu 31 Oct 13:02

what the hell there were child sex slaves operations on imvu ? how the hell? im so confused and have so many questions

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Vote on our next emoji by toe1 at Thu 12 Sep 20:39

Too cool to lose

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Planned Mobile improvements by DataMine at Fri 23 Aug 13:25

Using our site in between relaxing and having fun on vacation has got us thinking about how we can start making some improvements to the mobile experience.

Below is a small list of changes we have planned to start making the site a little more mobile friendly. These changes will only effect the site when using a mobile device or when making the browser small.

While these changes will not make the entire site mobile friendly and it wont be perfect, the goal is to start improving the most important social areas of our community such as the forums and in the PMs.

  • Create a mobile friendly nav menu that only appears when the browser width becomes small enough. The menu will be very simple with just our sites name and a button to toggle a sidebar menu from the right with links to the most relevant areas of the site (recent topics, inbox, market, etc..) and login/register controls for non registered/signed in visitors.
  • Reduce the index page to a single column layout on small screens.
  • Make the forum boxes on the forumlist collapsible.
  • Reduce the amount of information displayed for each forum in the forum list.
  • Make posts and PMs more compact by moving the poster info above the post content, reducing the amount of poster data displayed and removing/moving post controls.
  • Minor tweaks and adjustments to font sizes and content layout on the viewforum page.

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The Big List of Website Updates. [Updated 11-14-2019] by minotaurus9250 at Sat 3 Aug 12:37

hmm... nice..well done

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Restored Topic Preview! by DataMine at Mon 10 Jun 19:53

I have re written the topic preview mod from scratch. You can now once again preview the first post in a topic by hovering over the topic title with your mouse. This works when browsing forums (viewforum.php) or searching unread/new posts (search.php).

EDIT: You can also preview topics on mobile if you long press the topic title.


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Medit Shop Updates [4/05/2019-4/08/2019] by DataMine at Tue 9 Apr 00:28

Added gifting functionality
It is now possible to gift items to other users. When you gift someone an item, they will receive a Private Message notifying them that they have a gift. The PM will have a button they can click to go view their gift. They can then decide if they want to accept or decline the gift. Accepting a gift will add it to their inventory to be used at their discretion. Declining a gift closes the gift and doesn't do anything else.

This new feature comes with 3 new pages to the shop:

  • Creating a gift.
  • Viewing a gift.
  • A personal inventory page.


  • Not all items are giftable. If the item is not giftable it will not have a gift button next to the purchase button.
  • When sending a gift you have the option to write an optional personal message.
  • Gifts are only viewable by the user sending the gift, the user receiving the gift and admins.
  • If the recipient declines a gift, the gifter will NOT be notified for privacy reasons.
  • Gifts that have been declined will NOT refund the gifter at this time. If you send a gift, you will not receive your medits back if the recipient declines it. This could change in the future if it becomes a problem

You can check out the gifting system by going to the shop and clicking the gift button next top the purchase button on any item that is giftable.

Added VIP only item functionality
Items can now be marked as VIP only preventing non VIP users from seeing and purchasing the items. This gives us the ability to offer more bonuses to our vip members such as exclusive items and discounts in the future.

Added Personal Inventory To The Shop
The inventory has been moved from the User Control Panel where it was a bit difficult to access to the shop itself. The inventory is where purchased items go that are not set to be used immediately after purchase such as colored names and glowing names. Your inventory can be easily accessed by clicking a button in the shop, clicking the inventory link in the medit drop down menu at the top of the site or by bookmarking the link (shop.php?mode=inventory)


  • Colored and glowing names are no longer destroyed on use. This means once you buy a colored or glowing name you keep it forever. This allows you to have multiple colored/glowing names that you can chose from whenever you want. Simply visit your inventory and click the use button to activate any color/glow you've bought.

[button=]primary,Visit the Medit Shop[/button]

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We're Back by Don Von Alpha Dom at Thu 17 Jan 23:05

Well, after 2.5 weeks of downtime, we are finally back. Really though, being away from all of you was extremely painful. All of our staff have been stressed as hell trying to bring our community back up, but we finally did it. Fuck yeah!

The Bad News:
* We lost 2 weeks worth of site updates. (all updates we made to our site between December 15th - Jan 1st have been lost)
* We lost 1 week of data. (all private messages sent, orders purchased, and accounts registered between December 24th - Jan 1st have been lost)

The Good News:
Our staff is busy rapidly re-engineering the lost updates made to our site. Things might look a little wonky on our site for the next week or two, but you can expect everything to go back to normal rather quickly. Lost orders will be re-delivered. We still have the mafia account names, payment details, and number of products each person purchased between December 24th - Jan 1st. All 133 orders purchased during that time will be re-delivered. We will be contacting each and every one of the 133 customers who purchased products between those dates to make sure you receive the products you paid for, delivered with the full 110% mafia service our customers have come to know and love. We are deeply sorry for any inconvenience this delay may have caused you.

Technical details on why our site was down for almost 3 weeks:
There was an accident at our main datacenter. The datacenter's networking infrastructure was badly damaged on Jan 1st. Our primary server had to be shipped to our secondary datacenter. The primary server arrived at the secondary datacenter on Jan 8th. As of the morning of Jan 10th, we hooked the server back up and networked it into the datacenter only to find that the server's hardware had been damaged during shipping. According to our engineers, the hardware failure was not worth fixing. Our staff then spent a day discussing what steps / options we could take next to bring our community back online. As of the evening of Jan 11th, we decided to setup three new servers; a new primary server, a new secondary backup server, and a new proxy / load balancing server. Work immediately started on the new servers; with all funding for the new servers immediately invested without a second thought. Jan 16th we brought the site back up and immediately took it back down for additional maintenance needed to fix priority level bugs on the new servers. Finally, on the night of Jan 17th we officially brought our site back online.

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