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razvan831 wrote:
Don Falcon is HUMAN , he has other things to do than giving VIP just wait I didn't received any VIP but I'm sure i will get one , so do you MIRO
If you wait you get good things. (or something like this , i don't remember)

Respect to the Mafia

ok i will thanks for your reply

I have added a 15 Post Minimum to Option 2. It's for the best. Trust me. Anyone who requested V.I.P. with Option 2 BEFORE 9/2/10 is excused from this new rule. pleasee don i did option 2 before 9/2/10 and i sent you 2 PM you can check me please i need the VIP please don falcon please respect to Maf...

Nick Shadow wrote:
miro wrote:
how much does it takes to be a vip please????

...Just read the first post of this topic. The answer to this question is already obvious enough I think..

.. i did option number 2 and i PM don falcon
now when i'll be a vip?

respect to Mafia

how much does it takes to be a vip please????