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OP Sun Jul 15, 2018 8:06 pm
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Have you ever looked at our banner ads and social images, and thought; ‘How can I be featured there?’
For the first time ever, IMVU is opening the doors for anyone to enter for a chance to become ‘The Face of IMVU’ through our new VU Model program! Today we are announcing the first of many contests that will take place to discover the faces of IMVU.

IMVU users have created a vibrant fashion and modeling community completely on their own. We’ve seen the fashion shows, magazines, and celebrities and knew that we could support the momentum. With the VU Model program, we are creating an official program that recognizes users’ talent in creating beautiful-looking and creative avatars.

Everyday, we celebrate the talents of IMVU users who create extraordinary avatars on the Discover Feed and in social media…not just the 3D meshing or Photoshop variety…but a head to toe avatar transformation from carefully selected DNA, outfit, and accessories to create an incredible look. We know that you spend a lot of time creating the perfect style and VU Model is your opportunity to be recognized as an expert, featured to our massive IMVU community, and possibly earn IMVU supermodel status with influence inside and outside of IMVU.

How to enter.
Submit your avatar by filling out this form!
Contest opens June, 14, 2018 last entries submitted by June, 28, 2018. and we’ll announce the winner on July, 9, 2018

What you get.
The winner will have a 1-year non-exclusive “contract” that will feature your avatar with username credit in at least one round of IMVU banner ads and/or social media imagery.

Ongoing participation.
We may contact you about revising an aspect of your look at any point in the future. This would be to match a new outfit or appearance, if we can’t do it ourselves without losing “your look”. We ask for an email address for this reason.

Rules & Exclusivity.
No hidden items or items need to be un-hidden temporarily so that we can view your look(s) and product(s) to save. No stolen content, we want the models to represent the best of the community. This means using products from accounts in good standing. No disabled accounts or stolen merchandise will be accepted to the program. As a representative of the IMVU brand and the program you agree to adhere to GA items only to make up your avatar, and abide by DMCA (any branded content or trademarked material) requirements and restrictions. Failure to do so will result in immediate and irrevocably termination of your position in the program.

Exclusivity and owned assets.
IMVU will do their best to maintain the integrity of your avatar and identity when posting. However, IMVU will reserve the right to change avatar outfits, hair, and other aspects if absolutely necessary for maintaining quality appearance on branded content. IMVU wants your avatar to still look like “you” but will behave as a model and change outfits and hair as necessary. IMVU will not change your stated required items.

Safety & Privacy.
IMVU will only release/credit your avatar name. We don’t require your real life name or information and will not release any personal information.
Sun Jul 15, 2018 8:09 pm
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IMVU announced the first winner: lntoxication


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