Official Home of The IMVU Mafias

In response to a greater need for justice on IMVU, the IMVU Mafias are recruiting new members. We are here to protect IMVU users from abusive staff members and developers within the IMVU community; while spreading love and knowledge to those in need. Together we are strong and together we can help each other achieve more than we ever could alone. May a new reign of Mafia rule fall upon IMVU with free products and services for every member.

We, The IMVU Mafias, are a social network and underground market for 3D adult digital goods and products. Our site is mafia themed. Most people know our site as The IMVU Mafias or as The IMVU Black Market. Our site is geared towards providing safe and secure adult entertainment for people who would otherwise not have access to such amenities due to unlawful and unconstitutional local regulations on adult products which plague some parts of the world, due to financial problems, or due to physical limitations. Our products are encrypted, password protected, and are often encoded with artificial intelligence for avoiding detection by authorities. All of our products work through an online instant messenger known as IMVU, which has the capability to load 3D objects that people can play with in a group setting. These tools allow our members to act out and produce their fantasies with friends and other members. All of our products include video tutorials and live support for ease of use. We have been around since early 2007, with a community of over 48,000 members. Our staff is composed of over 120 programmers, developers, and scientists. We pride ourselves in our ability to help others with their technical and sexual frustrations within a community setting. Our catch phrase is, "Relax. We have your back. We are the ring of users. Together we are strong." We are also known for our cheap and sometimes even free prices. For people who are having money problems, we even have an entire area of our site dedicated towards helping people earn money and credits which can be spent on products within our community.

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