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Is it even worth it? (A rant) by 0Nyx96 on Tue Dec 20, 2022 6:04 pm
I have been creating on IMVU for a year now. And me, being jobless, I'm able to create and keep creating due to me calling DaoPay almost 4 times a month.
Which, as you guessed, skyrockets my phone bill. The plan or subscription I have is a joint account between me, my brother and our parents.
Yes, due to unforeseen personal reasons I still live at home. And I may keep living at home if the government keeps on deciding that buying a house or even renting one should be more expensive than what a young couple can even pay.

Back to IMVU.

I have managed to put out some hairs, clothes, etc. with buying credits through my phone. Which most of the time costs my dad, 18 euros. 18 Euros times 4? Yeah, you can do the math.
It's not cheap... And I have yet to find a way for me to keep saving credits. Instead of getting to 2K and spending it all.

I have decided to even create a Gumroad and ko-fi shop to sell IMVU hair files on. Textures I have created. This way I earn a little money and can...

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IMVU Life update. by 0Nyx96 on Wed Nov 23, 2022 10:31 am
So I have been creating again on IMVU and since Christmas is pretty much half a month away, it's all Christmas related. I used to have 200 credits sales a day when it came to my shop. But now? With themes items? I will receive 1,000 credits in sales! That's more than I used to make. I spend close to 2,000 credits on creating. If not more because when I create, I mass create. I have been creating in 3 to 4 colors. So one t-shirt, may be available in blue, pink, black and red. And — It's just amazing how fast my sales went up! Granted I have been advertising them on Instagram as well. But, knowing people actually want the stuff I make?
If only my hairs sold as much... But my ginger hair color doesn't look right and my blonde is either too yellow or too ashy. I'm this close to buying files from Etsy. Just to have some hair sales as well.

I also have created a new blog. Truthseekers. It's tackling general IMVU issues and exposing problematic people (to put it mildly). I have been enjoying i...

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Kink stuff? by Springbonger on Thu Aug 25, 2022 4:04 am
:pinkheart: Niche kinks??? Does anyone have them? I'd say one of mine is oviposition. :please: But that's all ill spiiill~

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I do b rambling by skeletxnqueen on Wed Aug 17, 2022 11:49 pm
Gosh what do people write about on here? I guess I'll ramble about my current hyper-fixation; that being UTAU. If you're familiar at all with Hatsune Miku, you may know that she originated from a vocal synthesizer program called Vocaloid. UTAU is like this program, except you can make your own synthesized voices using samples of your own voice. I have my own UTAUloid, and their name is Hikaru. They're my sweet precious baby. I wish I could make their outfit on IMVU just for fun. I guess I technically could if I wanted to, I am technically a "creator", but I haven't made anything in years and I was never good at it. I just think it would be cute to walk around as my own little singing robot character in the game and take pride in knowing that I made it.

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Ancestral takeover writing by BigChiefSavage on Sun Jun 12, 2022 6:07 pm
:pokeball9: For the waters ran tainted for years, and the fruits of nature have spoiled. The air filled with toxins, and the land shredded for metals. For the people who know her language, mother earth weeps out. After centuries of pain and torture, finally she has been heard. Her people to have suffered, for they feel her pain the same. Dwindled to mere numbers, the people are capable just the same. For mother earth will walk beside the people, numbers matter not in this war. Love shall triumph, 7th generation prevails! Peace among the people across the world, for those left know the way. The silent drums coming from the beat of her heart, mother earth is the leader in this. For her we fight, for her peace shall come. She shall breathe once again without trouble, the people just the same.
#indigionousresistance Cherokee Native American
By: Chief Savage

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