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by Don Von Alpha Dom · 288 posts
13 years ago
Posted 13 years ago · Author
The Following is a list of our active staff members on The IMVU Mafias. To join our staff, read out hiring thread.

@Don Von Alpha Dom

Underboss / UnderDon



Video Editing / Production
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Posted 13 years ago
may i sign up for the advisr part since it's empty
Posted 13 years ago
Cn i be tha capo-Head Of Business Affairs ^_^
Posted 13 years ago
Bowenhomesangel wrote:
Cn i be tha capo-Head Of Business Affairs ^_^

You get a ranking by being active and uselful.
You not get just a ranking by requesting.
If this would be like that, you could request being mafia don.
So get useful or go. This is also meant to the second poster.

PS: Wow, I'm Hitman. :)

Edit: Oh shit, I saw they already got the rank.
Don can we really trust one post wonders?
Well, it's up to you.
Posted 13 years ago · Author
They have the rank, but they are on probation.
I highly doubt they will keep the rank, but we will give them a chance.

Sometimes, all you have to do is give someone a chance and a little work to do if you want them to be active.

I went ahead and sent out 3000 e-mails advertising open positions in the family.

Yes Tony, you are a hitman; if you have time to do some hits, they are starting to pile up.
Posted 13 years ago
Yeah, okay..

If you got a job for me my don, just pm me.
Posted 13 years ago
Hmm,i'll offer myself for any rank needed to be filled and you belive i fit :).
Posted 13 years ago
<img src="" width="800" height="600"></img>
Posted 13 years ago
hello crapman?? ... hahaa ahhh family memories ... and mafia is live so long time .. message is 2008 .. when mafia born .. date ..

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