How to get IMVU Mafias' VIP

by DataMine · 434 posts
13 years ago in Help & Support
Posted 13 years ago · Author
As a Mafia VIP member you get the following benefits

:star: Access to a private forum for VIP members only with tips, tricks, better credit earning methods and more.

:star: Priority support.

:star: A VIP frame for your avatar on the forums (coming soon!).

:star: 5,000 bonus medits (If you donate for Mafia VIP)

:star: Access to a private discord channel

:star: Access to the VIP section of our market

:star: Ability to set your classifieds on the market to expire in 31 days instead of 21.

:star: Invites to VIP exclusive events.

How To Get It

Option 1:
    Earn 5,000 Mafia credits by posting on the forums then purchase Mafia VIP from the Medit Shop: shop.php?mode=cat

    Note: Spam and meaningless posts such as "thank you" do not count. Neither does bumping old threads.

Option 2:
Make a donation of $5 or more to the IMVU Mafias and get Mafia VIP right away!

To make a donation, click the button below to send a private message to DataMine asking for a donation bill for Mafia VIP. Make sure to tell me how much you would like to donate.

Donate For Mafia VIP
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Posted 13 years ago
how do i donate ?
Posted 13 years ago
u mean if i do 50 posts i can get v.i.p .... thts kewlll.... thnxx mann.... :shock: :D
Posted 13 years ago
I think I have 50 posts, will send message asap :D
Posted 13 years ago
ok cool thanks
Posted 13 years ago
I will gone for a few days. But leave me a message if you do the steps. And I'll take care of everything when I get back.
Posted 13 years ago
The donation link give me Fatal Error - do you have a new one?
Posted 13 years ago
Haha thanks for this~!
I used Method#2 about 2 days ago.
Any reason why i have no V.I.P?
Kinda letting me down lately...
Posted 13 years ago
I'm answering this on my I-Touch, but you guys NEED TO PRIVATE MESSAGE ME IF YOU EXPECT A RESPONSE.

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