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Prohibited Items & Services

The following is a list of items and services not allowed to be sold on the market by non Mafias staff or without the authorization of Mafias staff.

  • Sex products deemed UFI (Unfit For IMVU)
    • Sex poses
    • Sex rooms
    • Trigger dicks
    • Nude suits
  • Modified IMVU Clients and Addons
    • h4c|<s
    • Themes
    • Full Clients
  • Copyright & Stolen Material
    • Stolen IMVU Art
    • Stolen IMVU Products & Assets
    • Stolen IMVU Accounts
    • Pirated Software & Media
    • Product Rippers
  • Harmful Or Malicious Material
    • h4c|<s
    • Crash Codes
    • Lag products
    • Credit generators
    • Viruses/Malware/Worms/Trojan/Keyloggers etc.
  • Asset Extractors / Product Rippers
    • Programs/tools that let you steal assets (textures, meshes, icons, poses etc..)
  • Other
    • Mafia Accounts
    • Mafia Credits

Acceptable Items & Services

The following is a list of items and services allowed to be sold on the market by registered users provided they are the original creator or have resell rights.

  • AP/GA Products & Services
    • Ready to submit products
    • Meshes
    • Poses
    • Animations
    • Trigger music
    • Modeling
    • Creator Help
  • IMVU Credits
  • IMVU Artwork
    • Homepage Layouts
    • Product Page Layouts
    • Product Icons
    • Banners
    • Display Pictures
    • Textures and Texture Maps
    • Templates
  • Non Malicious Software & Scripts
  • IMVU Accounts along with the required information:
  • Escorting / Stripping Services

Rules For Sellers

  • Do not resell products bought off the market on the market.
  • Do not post duplicate advertisements.
  • Do not post misleading information about trust, online status, or other information in your ad.
  • Sellers are required to use our Private Messing system to do business with customers.
  • Do not tell customers to contact you using Kik, WhatsApp, IMVU Messenger or any other 3rd party chat services to complete a sale. Using these services for non market related activities is okay.
  • Sellers are required to login in at least once every 48 hours to communicate with customers. During the holidays, sellers have 72 hours.
  • Sellers are required to service customers for at least 30 days after any purchase over $7. This includes helping the customer use the product / service and replacing products that were received broken. Additional purchases adding up to at least $7 over the past 30 days continues this level of service.
  • Sellers are required to provide all information mentioned in the market Acceptable Items & Services when selling IMVU accounts.
  • You must be an active member on the forums to sell credits.

Extra Rules For Account Sellers
  • You MUST be a registered user to our forums for at least a week and have posted on the forums before.
  • You MUST pass as $10 background check, no exceptions.
  • You MUST own the account. You may not sell h4c|<7d, stolen, borrowed or any other account that does not belong to you 100%.
  • You MUST post your ad in the accounts category.
  • You must provide the following details with the account:
    • Username
    • Password
    • Previous passwords
    • First and last name used to register the account
    • Birth date
    • Email account (address and password) If you do not want to give up the current email account then you better make a new email account for the IMVU account. However, you must provide the name of the original email address used by the account.
    • Anything that can be used by the buyer to recover the account if they get h4c|<7d, scammed or forget the login details. (example: proof of payment)
  • You MUST be as descriptive as possible about the account in the advertisement. For example: Does it have AP? What gender is it? Does it have VIP? Is It a grandfathered creator? Is it a Guest? Does it come with credits? Etc...
  • Do NOT post the IMVU account name in the advertisement or any other info that might let IMVU or someone wanting to report you for account selling figure out the exact account. Save that for private messages when talking to a potential buyer.
  • You MUST be willing to provide screen shots of account details if asked by the buyer. For example, screen shots of the credit amount or age/gender

Rules For Buyers
  • You must wait 48hours after sending payment for the seller to deliver before reporting and or contacting staff.
  • Due to transfer limits and help tickets if you are buying credits you must wait up to 5 days for the seller to deliver before reporting an ad or contacting staff.
  • Do not use KiK, Snapchat, WhatsApp or any other social service when buying accounts or credits.

Tips For Buyers
  • Buyers can report any advertisement that breaks the market rules buy clicking the report button under the description on the advertisement information page.
  • Never give our your IMVU password to a seller.
  • Report ads and sellers that ask you to use KiK or other chat services.
  • If you have any questions or concerns regarding an advertisement or the seller, send a private message to the seller or Mafias Staff before making any payments.
  • Use a credit card if possible so you can backcharge if you get scammed.
  • After buying an account, make sure to change the email account password BEFORE you change the IMVU account password
  • Keep records of the conversations between you and the seller in the event they attempt to scam you.
  • Once a product or service has been delivered, our warranty covers support and replacements, not refunds. Your money has been used to pay the staff members who performed the service / setup the product(s). Any issues will be solved via support and replacements.
  • Read the FAQ and any system warnings on your bill. Our billing system is designed to detect if a product is not compatible with your system. If a product is not compatible with your system, the billing system will display a big bold all caps warning above the pay button. If you choose to ignore warnings, that's not on us. That's on you. At that point, we are going to assume you own a second device that meets the compatibility requirements listed in the warning.
  • Giving us your ingame username would be a security risk. If our server ever got confiscated ... the last thing you want on it is a bunch of IMVU usernames sitting in our database. Instead, you will press a "use product" button on our site ... and it will simply send the product to whatever IMVU account your IMVU client is currently logged into, or you will give a gift code to your partner if the product is for them.

Breaking these rules will result in a friendly pm, a warning or a ban. Users with more than 3 warning will be banned.

Users caught scamming on the market or attempting to bypass our security will be banned without warning.
Posted 6 years ago
Read and Acknowledged...Excellent Rules...hope Everyone learns to follow them!! :panda6:
Posted 6 years ago
Read N Signed. :awesome36:
Posted 6 years ago
Read and acknowledged.
Posted 6 years ago
Seems Easily Enough XD Pretty simple and to the point XD I like it!
Posted 6 years ago
Posted 6 years ago
Read & Acknowledge. 100% fair game.
Posted 6 years ago
i accept ! :)
Posted 6 years ago
Roger that

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