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What are the IMVU Mafias?

We have 80000+ members, 900+ monthly active members, 18000+ monthly visitors, 2800+ paying members, 120+ staff members, 5 daily active paid staff members (and hiring), active shout box with staff always on duty, active forums with 142000+ publicly searchable posts covering every subject on IMVU you can think of, chat rooms, and an underground market for selling; tools, products, digital resources, credits, accounts, etc ...

The IMVU Mafias was started in 2007 as an organization for helping children earn free credits and products. This was in response to IMVU inc creating a rule that bans anyone who begs for credits or products. We started as an organization for helping people.

2009 - 2011 we gave 11000+ free IMVU VIP's, 44000000+ free credits, and created a bot that earned our members billions of free predits. Around 2012 we declared victory against IMVU in the war against poverty when IMVU added a free credits section to their site.

2007 - 2010 we fought wars against 7 different black hat h4(k3r organizations h4(k1n9 people on IMVU, and we won all 7 wars, successfully removing all of IMVU's most prominent black hat h4(k1n9 groups.

2009 - 2010 we shut down 2 child sex slave operations on IMVU.

2011 we worked with a lawyer to sue IMVU for their removal of trigger music and won; a few months ago IMVU was forced to pay everyone back for this.

2012 when IMVU started adding malware / spyware to the IMVU Client, we started making our own version of the IMVU client without spyware. To this day thousands of people come to our site to download our clean light version of the IMVU Client.

2010 - 2015 we led the adult sexual revolution on IMVU; successfully decimating all 6 of IMVU's security systems against sex products on IMVU; we won. To this day, we are the number 1 safest site for sexual products and services on IMVU for adults. People are safe to love and make love.

2015 when IMVU banned all credit resellers, we created a market where people can continue to buy and sell credits; with a successful trust level system to prevent scamming.

2007, 2010, & 2012 our site was destroyed 3 times and each time we re-built it bigger and stronger than ever; instantly arising from the ashes with the full might of our community.

Our team of developers, programmers, and scientists are leaders in new technology on IMVU; producing new innovative tools, protections, and products.

We are a family, We are a business, and yes ... we are an organized crime syndicate. When the users of IMVU face an enemy; wether it be IMVU staff setting up unfair rules, hackers plundering accounts, poverty crushing the little man, or technical burdens; we are the first and last line of defense. We protect each other. We help each other. We love each other. Together we heal, we learn, and we grow. Together we are strong.

The IMVU Mafias is a community dedicated to the betterment of IMVU as a whole by providing a safe haven where users can learn, discuss, and receive help throughout their IMVU lives; ranging from educational to militia activities, the IMVU Mafias offers extensive programs and resources that will ensure you find what you seek.

Site Activity Report - October - [Fall Rewards Program] by NEKALION at Fri 4 Nov 17:14

Congratz everyone :dancingbunny:

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IMVU Servers Were Down - 11/1/2022 by Don Von Alpha Dom at Wed 2 Nov 03:02

IMVU's servers were down for about 6 - 7 hours, starting 11/1/2022 and came back up on 11/2/2022.


Quite a few people were complaining on Twitter: ... ery&f=live

And Reddit:

While most of IMVU's services were down, it's subdomains appeared to still be up and working:

How did you pass the time while IMVU was down?

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IMVU Testing Experimental AI Moderation by Don Von Alpha Dom at Sat 29 Oct 16:31

All hail the robot overlords. Automated censorship may be coming to IMVU. Together Labs is among a group of pilot customers testing and providing input on "Healthy Behavior AI". Together Labs is the current name of the company that owns IMVU, so this revelation may effect IMVU and its users. If you are not familiar with "Healthy Behavior AI", it is a content moderation solution that uses keyword detection across 30 different languages in order to automate the detection of "toxic behavior" and "remove bad actors". In other words, should IMVU complete testing and decide this is technology they wish to use, your private content and speech over IMVU may no longer be assumed safe within your controlled friends group and inner circle. No longer will the days of "snitches get stitches" and "oaths of silence" protect your freedom of speech. AI hast no honor among frinds. What happens in Vegas no longer stays in Vegas when big brother is listening and tracking your every word. This new tech is said to track and analyze every users' behavior, keeping behavior profiles on users, and making AI decisions on moderation. A robot will be deciding if your speech and how you act is appropriate or not, programmed not just according to a complete stranger's view points on human morals, but on "brand protection". Spectrum Labs, the creator of "Healthy Behavior AI", freely admits on their website that their software is designed to "collapse content moderation costs by 50% and increase detection of brand-destroying behaviors". So the real question is, whose morals are these? - The morals of men, or the morals of the all-mighty dollar.

Sources: ... ine-Gaming

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Site Activity Report - July - [Summer Rewards Program] by Don Von Alpha Dom at Wed 3 Aug 01:21

July 2022 TIM Site Statistics

As summer forges on hotter than a porn star's bung hole, our great mafia community continues to grow with all the phenomenal force of truly tight knit family. Posts, Threads, and Registration numbers are all soaring up, up, up! No one can stop us when we work together. Notable events in July included The Commission Stars & Stripes Party (hosted by the mafia discord servers), Don Von's speedy recovery from surgery, the release of several new highly popular trigger dicks on our market, the addition of 2 new credit resellers, and the return of the mafia medals system.




IMVU Mafias Summer Rewards Program

As activity increases on our site, it is time to recognize family members who are giving it their all.

I am proud to introduce TIM's July 2022 Rising Stars. Rising stars are new members who have shown their loyalty to the TIM Family by consistently logging in and posting. All Rising stars will be rewarded with 2.5k medits and the M.A.N. (Most Active Noob) medal. Congrats rising stars!

  • @Sinkaf
  • @Almodamr
  • @nenasabrosa
  • @Puppet
  • @Caleidanna
  • @Saikura
  • @princessjenie
  • @JoshSwagger
  • @cringelord


Next is an individual who has earned the title of Mafioso Of The Month, @Znex for his contributions to IMVU chat bot technology, his impressive programming, and the much anticipated Ghosty VU. This member has shown us all what can be done with inginuity, a creative mind, and a little bit of python. He shall be rewarded 10k medits and the M.O.M. (Mafioso Of The Month) medal. Congrats Znex!


Keep those numbers up, up, up! We'll be doing this again next month. And watch our discord servers for many more upcoming parties and events.

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Our family wishes Don a speedy recovery by DataMine at Sun 17 Jul 23:39

This evening, on July 17 2022, Don Von Alpha Dom was admitted to the hospital for 1, possibly 2 common but major surgeries. Out of respect for his privacy I won't go into details about the nature of the surgery but I will say it is not life threatening and he should have no trouble fully recovering.

I do not know at this time how long the recovery will be or how active he will be during but I would expect BM orders to be delayed during this time and I ask that customers please be patient and respectful.

Don, our family wishes you an uneventful, successful surgery and a speedy recovery!

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Site Activity Report - June [Great Job Everyone!] by thessa at Fri 1 Jul 23:50

Thank you all…..together we are strong…..stay safe :dancingapple::dancingapple::dancingapple:

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The option to permanently delete inventory items is upon us by Trigonometry at Mon 27 Jun 20:43

Hey Mafia. I had some free time this evening and decided to snoop around the IMVU Suggestions and Feedback forum for a bit and stumbled upon an interesting answer from our Senior Community Manager ShannonMac:

This feature could be trivial to some but after having my main account for over 12+ years, I have definitely amassed quite the collection of interesting products. Hopefully when we actually do delete the item, it does not bug out like the 'hide' item feature and return.

Aside from this, I'm still waiting for IMVU to implement a mass-hide component for creator's products. Having the option to hide your entire shop or at least let us choose multiple products to hide at once so we don't have to individually visit each page to click a damn red button would be extremely convenient. Especially if you know you're about to be disabled. :-#

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Web-based Peer Review Coming Soon by SwagGod at Sun 26 Jun 03:19

I saw this on the release patch notes on IMVU yesterday:

"Next week we will be rolling out web-based Peer Review.
This will speed up Peer Review and also give more users access to participating in Peer Review. -
When this rolls out as early as next Monday (June 27th), only a percentage of users will see it. This means your friend may be able to do Peer Review but not you.
Eventually, web-based Peer Review will be rolled out to everyone who is eligible.
Note that users can still choose to do Peer Review using the Classic Client.
Here is how it will look when web-based Peer Review becomes available. "

You guys think there is a way to possible exploit this and maybe get more black market items through the system or maybe stock up on developer tokens. Or is it just so people who don't play classic can do peer review since the past few weeks peer review has been so slow.

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Join 130296 contributors

Help improve The IMVU Mafias.

Meet our staff!

In response to a greater need for justice on IMVU, the IMVU Mafias are recruiting new members. We need your help spreading love and knowledge to those in need. Together we are strong and together we can help each other achieve more than we ever could alone. Take your oath of omerta and join a family of thousands today.

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