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We have 80000+ members, 900+ monthly active members, 18000+ monthly visitors, 2800+ paying members, 120+ staff members, 5 daily active paid staff members (and hiring), active shout box with staff always on duty, active forums with 142000+ publicly searchable posts covering every subject on IMVU you can think of, chat rooms, and an underground market for selling; tools, products, digital resources, credits, accounts, etc ...

The IMVU Mafias was started in 2007 as an organization for helping children earn free credits and products. This was in response to IMVU inc creating a rule that bans anyone who begs for credits or products. We started as an organization for helping people.

2009 - 2011 we gave 11000+ free IMVU VIP's, 44000000+ free credits, and created a bot that earned our members billions of free predits. Around 2012 we declared victory against IMVU in the war against poverty when IMVU added a free credits section to their site.

2007 - 2010 we fought wars against 7 different black hat h4(k3r organizations h4(k1n9 people on IMVU, and we won all 7 wars, successfully removing all of IMVU's most prominent black hat h4(k1n9 groups.

2009 - 2010 we shut down 2 child sex slave operations on IMVU.

2011 we worked with a lawyer to sue IMVU for their removal of trigger music and won; a few months ago IMVU was forced to pay everyone back for this.

2012 when IMVU started adding malware / spyware to the IMVU Client, we started making our own version of the IMVU client without spyware. To this day thousands of people come to our site to download our clean light version of the IMVU Client.

2010 - 2015 we led the adult sexual revolution on IMVU; successfully decimating all 6 of IMVU's security systems against sex products on IMVU; we won. To this day, we are the number 1 safest site for sexual products and services on IMVU for adults. People are safe to love and make love.

2015 when IMVU banned all credit resellers, we created a market where people can continue to buy and sell credits; with a successful trust level system to prevent scamming.

2007, 2010, & 2012 our site was destroyed 3 times and each time we re-built it bigger and stronger than ever; instantly arising from the ashes with the full might of our community.

Our team of developers, programmers, and scientists are leaders in new technology on IMVU; producing new innovative tools, protections, and products.

We are a family, We are a business, and yes ... we are an organized crime syndicate. When the users of IMVU face an enemy; wether it be IMVU staff setting up unfair rules, hackers plundering accounts, poverty crushing the little man, or technical burdens; we are the first and last line of defense. We protect each other. We help each other. We love each other. Together we heal, we learn, and we grow. Together we are strong.

The IMVU Mafias is a community dedicated to the betterment of IMVU as a whole by providing a safe haven where users can learn, discuss, and receive help throughout their IMVU lives; ranging from educational to militia activities, the IMVU Mafias offers extensive programs and resources that will ensure you find what you seek.

Site Updates March 2022 by DataMine at Mon 28 Mar 13:06

Hey guys and gals. Just wanted to give you guys an overview of some of the work that was done to the site this month. We've been hard at work squashing bugs, improving performance and building new systems.

Bug Fixes & Improvements

  • MafSocial system. This system is responsible for displaying recent posts on the index page and PM/cart notifications in the overall header.

    • Fixed browser logic attempting to load/parse recent posts from the server on pages other than the index. This should decrease your browser's memory usage and decrease page loading times site wide.
    • Cleaned up the server logic for parsing and responding to requests from the browser to prevent future issues.

  • PM Search

    • Fixed a bug in that prevented you from deleting or moving messages you marked with the checkbox. You can now mass delete/move messages again.
    • Fixed search displaying a blank page when no messages matching the search criteria were found.
    • Re designed the advanced search area to visually match the rest of the site and be mobile friendly.

  • Market

    • Improved the visual design of the listings on the market index to be easier to read, mobile friendly and use less code.
    • Fixed market search being incorrectly aligned with other content on the page.

  • IMVU Avatar Bio Generator

    • Fixed app no longer working.
    • Updated the ui to match the rest of the site.

  • Magic 8 Ball

    • Rewrote the code to be much cleaner and smaller.
    • Updated the ui to match the rest of the site.

  • Misc

    • Optimized images site-wide to reduce their file sizes. This will decrease page loading times and decrease the amount of storage we need to host them.
    • Re wrote the WebApps page to match the rest of the site.
    • Fixed a few dozen other errors across the site that would fill up our error log behind the scenes.
    • Added responsive text alignment to our in-house UI framework.

Other News

The arcade system has been completely removed. The system hadn't been used in years, relied on Flash and was causing many errors behind the scenes. For this reason as well as the monumental undertaking restoring it would be, we decided it was time to get rid of it. Removal of this system has freed up space on our server and reduced the overall size of our site's codebase. This will make future upgrades and new feature easier to implement.

In more positive news, the medals system is undergoing a complete overhaul. New pages are being added, old ones re written or outright removed. We will introducing all brand new medals that people can work towards earning (and maybe a few that can be purchased for fun or bragging rights :P). Medals will be displayed on your profile and next to posts you make. We hope the reintroduction of this system will give you guys something to look forward to.

That's it for this month. Stay tuned for more!

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IMVU 'auto-blocking' users for specific language?!? by Soulljah at Wed 16 Mar 16:18

Has anyone else heard or experienced this recently - or ever for that matter?

Hello! Has anyone heard about words or expressions that trigger an autosent to the imvu police? I had never heard bout it until one of my friends got sent to imvu jail for 2 weeks. He was in a public room of his, AP, with one of his friends and his rl cousin. His friend talked about having loaned $2,000 to his rl girlfriend. My friend answered that for $1,500 he would suck that guy's pixel dick. Seconds later he was disabled for two weeks and received a message saying "we have evidence that you recently solicited other users for sex or cybersex for gifts or credits. We have temporarily disabled your account for 2 weeks due to this Terms of Service violation"... He called imvu and they confirmed him that he hadn't been flagged but that what he said in that room triggered that autosent. The guy who answered him read him the convo that got him disabled. And said "pixel privates" because he couldn't even say on the phone "pixel dick". All this is really crazy. If a simple joke with adult friends get you disabled now...

Now this sounds sketchy to me but the friend who sent this swears nobody in the room, all friends of his, flagged him. If VU is now monitoring public room convo's, where will the shyt end? Again, I am myself skeptical of this. The friend who passed me this is not prone to panic or exaggeration so I am simply passing it on. If anyone can corroborate then this would be really bad and I feel also illegal.

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will vu pull the plug on classic client? by NicoTaco at Fri 5 Nov 02:30


I hope so to or else they gonna be in big trouble cause there Classic Client is not compatible with Windows 11 yet so if this update actually works then they actually did something right for once lol if not then they are really screwed, cause that's gonna be crash city until they fix it, and also I was in a BM room and shockingly I didn't get banned lol which is a sigh of relive cause I'm just like 600 points away from buying a trigger from the Don mafia himself, and also I wanted to add you as a friend, cause this conversation has been really good I really enjoyed it!

And I really want vu to step up its a good program just treat it like how we enjoy it, and I'm pretty excited to use the room and triggers I'm buying!

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new vip tiers on vu next by sadecatgirl at Tue 2 Nov 02:12

@LockerVIP Tiers isn't worth it in general, it's just a money grab to capitalize off the voice chat feature that Second Life and discord can do for free. Unfortunately my account that had legacy VIP for more than 2 years was banned and now I'm stuck with the updated tiers. I still don't see the option to check how long my VIP is active for.


it's in ur settings under subscriptions on the new site

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IMVULite - Safety or functionality? by DataMine at Sat 30 Oct 22:59

For those who aren't aware, we had to take IMVULite down again recently due to an issue that was discovered that could lead to a ban.

Basically, it was brought to our attention and then verified by us that if you create mode in a specific way you would immediately be banned if you were not using a creator account.

As of yet we have not been able to figure out the exact cause. There seems to be no rhyme or reason as to why a this use case gets you banned or how the client is even detecting that you've done it.

This leaves us facing a dilemma. Do we keep IMVULite down until we can solve this issue, which may not happens for a long time, or do we simply disable create mode for non creators?

In order to answer this question, we need to know what you, the community, prefer. Do you value a safe client even if it means removing features you guys like or would you rather a client that is relatively safe but can still cause bans if used in certain ways as long a warning is provided (on the forums)?

We prefer to find ways to make our clients safe without removing features but there's only so much you can do and eventually it just turns into a cat and mouse game with IMVU. Keep in mind, we receive very little compensation for our time and effort we put into the clients. IMVULite is free, T3DE is a one time payment and the Deep Client is subsidized by BM sales.

We also have lots of other projects we want to work on and real lives to live so we can only devote a limited amount of time to staring at the client code and trying random things.

All that said, please leave us your thoughts, opinions and other feedback by replying below and voting in the poll.

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Free guest removal in IMVU by Ev0l at Tue 16 Mar 17:58

For people who have guest accounts and want to remove the 'Guest_' from their name in IMVU, you can just fill out this form, which is applying to be a greeter in IMVU. Your account must be at least 3 months old.

Form: ... Q/viewform

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Merry Christmas 2020 from The IMVU Mafias Staff by Don Von Alpha Dom at Fri 25 Dec 12:15

:xmasornament: :sanata: :xmasdrummer: A Very Merry Mafia Christmas! :xmasdrummer: :snowman: :xmasornament:
From Us To YOU!

:rudolph: :xmas:

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SEC Grants Digital Avatar Firm IMVU Permission to Sell Crypt by Jayant at Sun 13 Dec 03:04

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has granted another crypto firm permission to sell its native cryptocurrency.

The SEC published a “no-action letter” on Thursday (dated Nov. 17) to IMVU, a digital avatar company, allowing the firm to sell its VCOIN digital tokens to users, albeit with strict restrictions on how these tokens can be sold.

The securities regulator has granted just a handful of other such letters, including to Turnkey Jets and Pocketful of Quarters, making the latest action somewhat notable despite the token’s relative obscurity. In a first, the SEC is allowing IMVU to sell tokens designed to be converted back to fiat by users. (In its previous rulings, the SEC said users could not buy, sell or trade either Quarters or Turnkey tokens.)

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Help improve The IMVU Mafias.

Meet our staff!

In response to a greater need for justice on IMVU, the IMVU Mafias are recruiting new members. We need your help spreading love and knowledge to those in need. Together we are strong and together we can help each other achieve more than we ever could alone. Take your oath of omerta and join a family of thousands today.

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