Terms of Service


Rules & Etiquette

Breaking these rules will result in a friendly pm, a warning or a ban. Users with more than 3 warnings will be banned.

  • Do not spam
  • Do not post hateful content.
  • Do not post your IMVU name on the public forums or shoutbox unless allowed by Mafias Staff.
  • Do not give your IMVU password to anyone.
  • Do not give your Mafia password or login name to anyone.
  • Do not create multiple Mafia accounts.
  • Do not post adult content outside of the Adult Corner forum.
  • Do not create duplicate threads or posts.
  • Do not create posts regarding black hat hacks, crash codes, lag products or any other malicious content.
  • Do not create posts regarding anything listed in the market prohibited items and services above.
  • Do not flame, harass or attack other members.
  • All posts must be written in English. Please use a translator if necessary
  • Use the search feature before posting questions to make sure they haven't already been answered.
  • Avoid double posting outside your own topics.
  • Do not bump (this means reply to) old topics from before 2017 excluding topics creating by staff for official topics such as IMVULite.
  • Do not post 1-2 word thank you type posts.
  • Do not post entirely in emoji
  • Do not post in all caps
  • Do not attempt to farm medits.

Black Market

Prohibited Items & Services

The following is a list of items and services not allowed to be sold on the market without permission from Mafias staff.

  • Sex products deemed UFI (Unfit For IMVU)
    • Sex poses
    • Sex rooms
    • Trigger dicks
    • Nude suits
  • Modified IMVU Clients and Addons
    • Hacks
    • Themes
    • Full Clients
  • Copyright & Stolen Material
    • Stolen IMVU Art
    • Stolen IMVU Products & Assets
    • Stolen IMVU Accounts
    • Pirated Software & Media
  • Harmful Or Malicious Material
    • Hacks
    • Crash Codes
    • Lag products
    • Credit generators
    • Viruses, Malware, Keyloggers and all other forms of malicious code
  • Mesh & Texture Extractors
  • Mafia Accounts
  • Products & Services bought from the market
Acceptable Items & Services

The following is a list of items and services allowed to be sold on the market by registered users provided they have the legal rights to do so

  • AP/GA products adhering to IMVU's TOS
  • IMVU Credits
  • IMVU Artwork
  • Non Malicious Software & Scripts
  • IMVU Accounts along with the required information:
    • Original Password
    • Original Email (including the email password)
    • Previous Names
    • PayPal email address
  • Developer services including but not limited to:
    • Custom Products
    • Custom Artwork
    • Modeling Work
  • Escorting / Stripping Services
Rules For Sellers
  • DO NOT resell products bought off the market on the market
  • DO NOT post duplicate advertisements
  • Sellers are required to login in at least once every 48 hours to communicate with customers. During the holidays, sellers have 72 hours.
  • Sellers are required to service customers for at least 30 days after any purchase over $7. This includes helping the customer use the product / service and replacing products that were received broken. Additional purchases adding up to at least $7 over the past 30 days continues this level of service.
  • Sellers are required to provide all information mentioned in the market Acceptable Items & Services when selling IMVU accounts.
  • You must be an active member on the forums to sell credits.
Market Rules & Tips For Buyers
  • Buyers can report any advertisement that breaks the market rules by clicking the report button in the top right corner of the advertisement information page.
  • Never give out your IMVU password to a seller.
  • If you have any questions or concerns regarding an advertisement or the seller, send a private message to the seller or Mafias Staff before making any payments.