Opacity Generator

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Posted 6 years ago · Author
Opacity Generator


Opacities are image files that are used to mask parts of a texture or create transparency. Opacities come in 2 forms: The first is typically a black and white image in the shape of your mesh. The second is a solid color usually either black, white or a shade of gray in between.

This program automates the process of creating the second type of opacity.

Opacity Generator WPF v1.0 (GITHUB)

Source Code

Other Downloads
Opacity Generator Console Version

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Posted 6 years ago
@Data thank you so much. This is perfect. Above and beyond what I was hoping for.
Posted 6 years ago
@DateMine This would be awesome if we could get a unix devoter on here to also make these programs for Macs.
Posted 6 years ago
- lol Dude! This is awesome. No more playing with hex values on my color wheel for transparencies. Thanks :)
Posted 6 years ago · Author
There are suggestions here for making my stuff work on a mac: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/318 ... ork-on-mac

I was hoping someone would find it useful :)
Posted 6 years ago
How much does this cost to download? It says not enough medits. I have them in the bank still but just wondering, are all downloads a fixed price or should I be looking somewhere specific for the medit cost?
Posted 6 years ago
@Data, Thank you!
YEY! just tried it out and it works perfectly :vdaycat: you're the bestest
Posted 5 years ago
this is a neat programe u got here. i could imagine other things it could do to :). made on linux?
Posted 5 years ago · Author
It was written in C# so you could possibly run it with Mono. What other things could you imagine it doing?

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