[S/T] Big Cock Hotel (28 poses)
6 Dollars

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You are buying a hotel filled with sex poses and sex furniture in room after room after room after room after...




WARNING: This is one of the 4 oldest rooms on our market and it has not aged well. This room is approaching 2 decades old. It is a legacy room. IMVU's clients have changed A LOT since it first came out. Skeleton and camera mapping techniques have changed A LOT since it first came out. Back in the day, it ran well. Today ... this room can be buggy, sometimes very buggy. There is no fix. The only reason we still offer this room is because some people still ask for it. Please consider buying a different room. There is a 30 day exchange period if you are not happy with it.

Keywords: forced fantasy room, CNC, rape, torture, teasing, torture, BDSM

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