[S] Twerking Lessons - Eternity Pose
4 Dollars

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You are buying a single very long couples pose. Normally our pose packs contain several different pose products, but we made this one special with a single lengthy pose that takes you and your partner for a full sexual adventure through various standing sex positions. She's sitting. He's standing. Her hands are on his butt. They are kissing. He pushes her back down against the bed and is holding up her knees when he starts fucking her. Speed varies. Every time she tries to sit up, he fucks her extra hard and fast for a few seconds till she lays back down. He then flips her over and fucks her from behind. She's bent over the edge of the bed. Again, speed varies. Each time she tries to slip away, he fucks her extra hard and fast for a few seconds till she puts her feet back where they belong. Eventually, he pins her down, one hands pressing down her shoulder, fingers wrapped around her neck, and his other other hand squeezing her ass, as he makes her twerk on that dick. He teaches her how to twerk on that dick till he cums inside her, holding her in place by the back of her neck like a helpless kitten as he empties every last drop of seed from his balls inside of her.

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