[S] Eternity Massage Table
4 Dollars

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You are buying a single very long couples pose on top of a massage table. Normally our pose packs contain several different pose products, but we made this one special with a single lengthy pose that takes you and your partner for a full sexual adventure through various massaging sex positions. Starts with the man giving a woman an upper back massage. He grabs her by the hips and thrusts into from behind whilst massaging her lower back. He gets faster and faster, throwing his shoulders into it. Slows down, then holds onto her tight with short deep thrusts. Finally he massages her shoulders whilst teasing her entrance and her clit with just the tip, till she is cumming all over the table. The entire scene lasts about 4.5 minutes before starting over again.

Wait a few minutes for the video below to start if you wish to see this product in action.

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Keywords: long pose, eternity

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