@Don Von Alpha Dom
The avatar i made myself on imvu

-- Sat Apr 08, 2023 1:34 am --


Okay thanks for the links , make it much easier to step through especially with Imvu studio toolkit feature.
How do i copy my entire avatar into blender? I'm attempting to do modelling with her for my products
Bonsoir! welcome to the fam
We all have had E-Sex/ ERP at some point on imvu :tlasmooth: . What kind of fantasy have you roleplayed out that you wanted to try in real life :ass2ass: ? I've been approached by all type of guys on imvu, some being cucks. This is where I discovered cuckold and I've fantasied about doing it irl eve...
my birthday suit ;)
Thank you and congratulations to all :)
Degrading and being controlled. Being dominated not only physically but mentally makes my dopamine sky rocket, haha. Idk, just getting ridiculed/humiliated in bed, being beaten to where I feel like passing out or ordering me to do something that would likely be embarrassing, excites me. Its a mixtur...

Updated escort page

Don Von Alpha Dom Thank you so much for the insight Don. I've been blocking (my block finger has abs at this point by the amount of times Ive blocked.) Ill definitely be trying out the multi room trick. Thanks a lot.-- Wed Oct 26, 2022 10:50 pm -- Capricorngirl99 Could be a coincidence or he actual...

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