Yes, some people do it and pretend they're selling badges, usually in the description it'll say Don't buy without contacting seller first, for obvious reasons. This has always been a great method, I did this years ago for taking orders for custom products. The downside is the slight fee IMVU earn pe...
This is a great information post.
I know the feelings there,IMVU are very unhelpful when it comes to issues regarding age on your account. I had an account years ago, when I made the account I made myself a few years older as I was 16. When I was about 20, my account age was saying I was 26, I asked IMVU if they could change it to m...
Thank you so much, Don, it's a real honor to be given the award. I have prepared an acceptance speech. *Reaches into his inside breast pocket, then to his outside pocket, pants pockets and starts to panic* It appears I have misplaced it. So I'd just like to say a huge thank you to the Alpha Dom, Don...
Well done to all involved! You did a great job!
Look at old pics of Don Von Free Credits.
Those are pretty nice. I'll have to login and try them on.
2nd place, I hate cumming 1st.
Oooh, Multiplayer.
@DonVon I'm going to name my third child after you.

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