Why haven't you got me in on this yet? You know I would love to help ya out bro!
Well that explains why it's been looking all weird on my inbox. I will have to refresh everything. Thats a pain on iPhones and iPads. I will probably just try it on Chrome through my iPad or let it stay how is. I did not have to clear cache on my desktop iMac or any other system though. Only my iPad...
I am interested in Artwork being done with cropping. Send me a message on here. It is about time for me to have a new fancy DP pic.
Looking nice... You sell meshes on here or textures? You do good work :)
Welcome to the mafias! Glad to meet ya! don't beat me up please! haha
Welcome, Hope you enjoy the site. We are all here to help feel free to ask any questions. hope you keep returning and join our mafia crew! :)
Very nice. I will have to try this for sure! thanks !
AP does a lot more than allow you to see naked people. There’s am shoes, furniture, shirts, pants, music, actions, voice boxes, dances. If you don’t have ap you can’t even see half of what’s in the shop. You also cannot see half the rooms either since there’s probably more ap rooms than non ap... un...
Would not
Ron Jeremy
Yes.. as stated above you will see there avatar twitch each time they whisper, you must be zoomed in and close up to see it but that’s how you can for sure tell they’re whispering..

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