Thirteen wrote:
Hey there

Hey there 1st place!
Here's 5,000 Medits to you.
:tlasmug: :awesome40:
Need more Medits to get to that new name color change? A new name color glow? Or even new badges. First three people to comment will win some Medits! ~Just because~ *Smiles and giggles with a few fingers pressed to her lips.* 1st Place: 5,000 Medits !Winner! :fireworks: Thirteen :fireworks: 2nd Plac...
Aw man sucks I missed it ahhaha this was a cool contest!
Huh, interesting. I guess if they are buying companies then yeah I guess that means that they aren't gonna go away anytime soon. I always think that since we as the consumers put so much into things like VIP, name changes, credits, and things like AP, I mean come one, how are you gonna make us pay $...
This is awesome! Chibi is so adorable! I'm amazed at how the community comes together like this.
Holy shit, I haven't heard of MEEZ in a long time. I think MEEZ was the first digital picture avatar I ever played in. Although I never got to the chat community part. Just played with the a avatar making section. And as for Imvu, I'm so unsure. The last few years with credit reselling in the open d...
Soulljah wrote:
@MizzKitty Or maybe just decide having a couple of extra grandfathered creator accounts just isn't worth the hassle even if they would be useful uploading 'certain' products that could get your main disabled - lol.

True true. It just seems like such a hassle for it.
As much as it sounds like a good idea to buy an account. Really that's something that I wouldn't even dabble in unless it was from a serious reputable member because if something like this. Just like @cysia said, look for things like how long they've been a member, how many posts if they are an acti...
Good Lord. I am so sick of these people doing this to our community. I hope it resolves out cause this is just rediculous.
yeshun that wat im looking for its gonna be for me add on to my icon. but make sure it doesnt mess up. cause i want it to look like fire. den when i add my picture of fire. it movies around when it explode my product shows. I definitely get what your looking for. I have an idea about the explosion ...

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