Growing Marijuana. It just became legal in our state. I have been growing and preparing to buy lot's of machines to make extracts with also. I got my medical card about 3 months ago. :) It's nice to blaze and not worry about cops now. :)
I spend time with my family during Christmas. My Dad decorates the whole house full of light, we make lots of junk food and get fat lol. We open presents on Christmas morning. We are pretty tradituinal I would say. I need to get my own family to have Christmas with soon. I'm getting old. lol
I came form medits! give me your medits. Lol :dancingapple:
Just wondering if there has been any cool new tricks, or tools for imvu. Let me know if there is new stuff out. I am always interested in everything there is.
should be in your IMVU folder of wherever you chose to install it at. you can delete logs there. Also I believe clearing cache deletes a lot of things too. Not to sure though. I know you can delete them in the install folder where all your imvu files were saved to I believe is where all the logs and...
Love all the new changes. Looking great! I was just wondering about the inbox. When I get a message do I just hit the quote then delete what they said to reply? That's how I have been replying back to others so far, I am just wondering if I am doing it the correct way. Also is there a list of all ch...
lol, sexyness! yum!
My life was fucking full of grief
I have trouble with others reporting me all the time. But like Don said I have foul mouth, and troll the shit out of some on there. It kills the time. So they have reason to flag and report me. They never get anything out of it, I have been reported 100's of times and never received a warning but on...
Very nice! Thanks for the info Don. Just wanted to make sure I was correct on the rules. :)

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