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by DataMine · 3 posts
8 years ago
Posted 8 years ago · Author
In computer programming, a comment is a programming language construct used to embed programmer-readable annotations in the source code of a computer program. Basically, it allows the coder to write notes in the code that other people can read but the computer won't load as code.

Comments in HTML are very easy to create. Their syntax is as follows:

<!-- Comment HERE -->

It starts with
This tells the code that you want to start a comment. Everything after this will be included in the comment so it's important that you end the comment with

Comments don't have to begin and end on the same line. You can have multiple lines in your comment
Posted 8 years ago
Does anybody make html code that I can have custom made
Posted 8 years ago · Author
Daxx wrote:
Does anybody make html code that I can have custom made

Depends what you want coded.

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