Ghosty VU - Update

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by Znex · 5 posts
7 months ago
Posted 7 months ago · Author
This is just a little preview, I still have a lot to work on.

If anyone has a suggestion about anything, please let me know. Kinda losing all my creativity and IQ at the same time.

- I will be removing the API feature, but I'm going to make my own private API. WILL ONLY GIVE KEYS AWAY IF YOU HAVE A GOOD REASON.
- I also will be removing the mass messaging feature, but will keep the spamming for fun.

Posted 7 months ago

Absolutely Gorgous.

If anyone has a suggestion about anything, please let me know. Kinda losing all my creativity and IQ at the same time.

1) I would add crash product detection. If the client crashes, check the logs for which product it errored on and who put on said product. Auto-block that person. Would be great for tracking and banning shooters.
2) I would log gifting; you should be able to see in the logs when someone sends someone else a gift and what was sent; I bet strip clubs would love keeping track of this.
3) Make a feature you can enable, where if the chatlog detects the same person posting 12 times in a row (no one else posting inbetween), the bot runs the boot and block commands on that user, booting them from the room; automated banning of shooters.

Features 1 and 3 assume the bot is set as a moderator of the room.
Posted 7 months ago

Nice work. I would be interested in learning Python from you, ever considered posting tutorials in our programming forum?

Btw, out of curiosity, what's with the video oscillation? Is it a stylistic choice or some form of copyright protection?
Posted 7 months ago · Author
@Don Von Alpha Dom

Sadly, I'm not too familiar with any crash products but if I can encounter one, I will add an auto-block and a tracking list of users.
The gifting is a great idea. I'll make a file to store all users in JSON, logging --->{"gifter": {"receiver ":"x", "gift":"x", "date":"x"}}
I think it's possible to make spam protection, I just got some digging to do.
Best way to go about moderation is to make dummy a account, give it moderator and host IMVU on a virtual machine, place it in whatever room and leave it.

Thank you for all the suggestions!

-- Wed Aug 03, 2022 11:11 am --


Cheers! I have not, but I'm happy to help out with what I can!
Yeah, you could say stylistic choice. I'm just used to editing videos that way.
Posted 7 months ago
Can't wait to try this I got my virtual machine ready for it.

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