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by DataMine · 110 posts
6 years ago in Autoit
Posted 4 years ago

Here: points.php?mode=transfer

Note that transfer logs are reviewed before every market transaction involving medits ... and if we see anything suspicious, the medits balance is simply reset to zero.

Specially if that someone were to make multiple accounts, use them for spamming, and then try to offload the spam farmed medits onto a different account. HINT HINT HINT!
Posted 4 years ago
@Don Von Alpha Dom

No Ive just had this other account for over 3 years and the medits are piling up and I want to transfer them to this account.
Posted 4 years ago

Dude ... you literally just made an account named "Lottery12", spammed a giant wall of text worth 50k medits, and then tried to use it to buy a bunch of products on the market.

I'll let it slide this time as curious experimentation by a curious mind. Don't let it happen again.
Posted 4 years ago
could you please clarify for me some thing?
so far what ive learned about earning medits are...
1) logging in each day, could you tell me how much I earn doing this?
2) you said...Another great way to earn medits is by posting bugs to me. If you find something broken on the site, send me a pm and I'll reward you with some medits.
3) lottery, how is the amount decided for each drawing? and how do I get notified

is there different types of medits? ive found one day my total medits shown in the upper left corner of the screen were 1800 but when I looked into another spot it only showed 200, how come the difference?
1) if there is a difference of the medits what are they and how can they be spent?
2) are the medits earned in the different ways able to by items listed say as the dicks or posses or even rooms? if not what can they be spent on?

as im new im trying to get to know whats what in here, I had the same issues with imvu in the credits they gave, some I could use to by gifts for others and some I had to only spend on myself,

please help me understand all this.
Posted 4 years ago
@Don Von Alpha Dom

:tlasmug: I was just having some fun during this quarantine.

-- Sat May 23, 2020 12:59 am --


You can buy pretty much anything on this site with medits just go to checkout and pay with medits. But I don't think you can pay medits for imvu credits which would be nice :D

-- Sat May 23, 2020 1:00 am --


Maybe even accounts but none are up at the moment :(
Posted 4 years ago
Read and acknowledged! :katheart1:
Posted 3 years ago
this is great to know espescially since im just learning about the medit system today,
also i like how u can earn medits for participating this is great
Posted 3 years ago
I am here to learn as much as I can about everything. Most questions I am finding the answers to on here. Truly Grateful for finding this place. Still learning my way around here and trying to read all the rule and gild lines so I am sure not to offend anyone.
Posted 3 years ago
Off da rip ongawd fam anyway we can keep it fast n easy LmK
Posted 3 years ago
Read and understood :dancingbunny:

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