Looking To hire Moderators

by DataMine · 22 posts
6 years ago in Help & Support
Posted 6 years ago · Author
I am looking to promote new moderators to help keep our community clean and help other users.

Moderator Duties
  • Moving threads that are in the wrong subforum
  • Deleting topics/posts/advertisements that violate our ToS
  • Warning users
  • Answering simple questions about the site and out services
  • Taking care of reports

  • Must be an active member.
  • Must be a member longer than 6 months.
  • Must have a decent amount of posts.
  • Must have basic knowledge of our site and forums in general.
  • Must have access to Skype or Discord

If you are interested in becoming a mod, please leave a reply here.
Posted 6 years ago
interested...does this pay us somehow?
Posted 6 years ago · Author
We could offer you medits but if you're looking for cash or credits, no. This is mostly a volunteer thing for people who want more responsibility in our community.
Posted 6 years ago
Although, My posts lack. I have been around for a lengthy amount of time. I have some great social skills, awareness and quick to replied to anyone who has a question under my field of expertise. I am 23 year old, full time college student studying in enterprising and I have a good amount of knowledge of being a dev. As I was a moderator for the sub Reddit under Ubisoft. Skype, Discord and team viewer. I have them all. If you are looking for mods for discord let me know as well. I've been a mod on discord for 2 mainstream Youtubers. Chao :)
Posted 6 years ago
@DataMine I would love to help. Let me know if you guys still need anyone.
Posted 6 years ago
@DataMine I wouldn't mine doing it for of course..
Posted 6 years ago
still looking ?

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