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by Don Von Alpha Dom · 53 posts
14 years ago
Posted 14 years ago · Author
Here, we are working on a fake disabled code to make it look like your account has been disabled. This is for mafia members who need to lay low for a while.

Javascript Code:

<script language="javascript">

HTML Code:

okay here is an html code that still redirects them to the homepage of imvu
<meta http-equiv="refresh" content="0; url=http://www.imvu.com">
Posted 14 years ago
how u do that?
Posted 14 years ago
wats the point of it??? :? :?
Posted 14 years ago · Author
People will not report your account and IMVU's staff will not ban you if they think you are already banned.
Posted 14 years ago
but as long as u don't do any thing legal they will not band u right??? :?:
Posted 14 years ago
Don Von Free Credits wrote:
Have you ever read the IMVU TOS?

They ban people all the time for stupid stuff.

i have but i never thought that it was stupid cuz IMVU rules"TOS" are the same as any other website rules'!
Posted 14 years ago · Author
Yes...and that is why we are the mafias, we don't normally respect rules when they stand in the way of having fun. IMVU is a social networking site...and they are trying to control how we can and can't be social. For example, blood is against IMVU TOS. I happen to have a vampire fetish...where does that leave me? Everyday vampires and vampire groups are banned for being blood related. The same is happening to the S&M community, the free credits community, and the furry community.....not to mention many other social practices that do not meet IMVU's idea of norm-ethics.
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Posted 14 years ago
i know all that but i know that mafias work secretly!
am i write? :D
Posted 12 years ago
I think this is a great idea, I know there's alot of people who would like to report me :wink:

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