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Don Von Alpha Dom
by Don Von Alpha Dom · 4 posts
12 years ago in Visitors Panel
Posted 3 years ago
There’s no explanation whatsoever and I really tried to do it but it’s still wasn’t working for me?? I hope you could make another post and explain more detail what can I do in order to work and if I need to change some of the coding or smth because it gave no result or it wasn’t noticeable at all maybe imvu is now not the same as before but that would be absurd. Is there a different code that could give me the same result or smth like that, no? Cause I really want to use it and it would be a shame not me able too. I keep up with all your posts too.
Posted 3 years ago
THis is good as this can cover or hide the annoying pictures and reduce the space which make it so much easy to read

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