Whore Project Kana

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by Alice_94 · 11 posts
4 months ago
Posted 4 months ago · Author
This is corruption story with Japanese high school girl Kana.
Right now the corruption percentage is 0. She is unconformable to wear AP clothes or dating with guys.
Write your comment to decide how story goes and corrupt Kana.
Kana has being bullied and a goth stoner girl Linda comes to her defense

Linda shared a cigar with Kana after school

This was the first time Kana smokes a cigar and it makes her feel a little dizzy. Corruption + 1%

Kana gets caught with cigar and given detention. Corruption + 5%

Kana is allergic to cherry flavored things and her lips swell! She gets taken to the hospital, molested by her doctor, and addicted to pain killers so she keeps coming back to him for more. Corruption + 10%

To get more painkillers, Kana was asked to go to Doctor's house for "fun" times! Corruption + 20%
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Posted 3 months ago
Don Von Alpha Dom wrote:
She gets caught with cigar and given detention@Alice_94Detention, and the goth stoner girl is there, and they make out! Cherry Chapstick must be involved.

But oh no, she's allergic to cherry flavored things and her lips swell!
Posted 3 months ago

Doctor mixes in fertility pills with her pain killers, and knocks her up.

Parents confront her and ground her. Withdrawing on pain killers, she stabs her parents and runs away to live with the doctor.

The doctor now keeps her in a cage as breeding stock, and passes her around to his friends ... training her to be a good little slut.

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