Receiving Unknown Emails, Files, etc

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by Esbeth · 12 posts
4 years ago
Posted 1 year ago
what to do when you are using cracked apps ? most of the keygens & activators always get flagged as containing viruses & its really hard to find a way around it. Just this time when I was updating adobe suit I was able to find clean versions without any flags or defender quarantining the files automatically. For years I have used all the keygens & activators that were detected with viruses yet none of my account has ever been stolen so far.

Either consider it a perk of living in shitty part of the world or simply for not saving any kind of bank info on my computer, I have always been able enjoy cracked games & apps with viruses :)

-- Fri Feb 19, 2021 7:11 pm --

only one thing that I have always suspected was when the computer speed went down & resources were being used even when I wasnt using any application it made me think that mining may be running in the background but I could never find any app that looked suspicious except for svchost.exe which I always hated to using too much CPU & killing it would crash your windows. My only fix was to plug in a usb & installing from the ghost image I had made to gain back the lost speed & continue to run the games & apps smoothly, that was 5 mins well spent every 5 - 8 months when computer's slow speed became un bearable
Posted 1 year ago
Just never open a file if you don't know what it is or the source which it was received. Its still a good idea to run an anti virus program to check it before you open it even if from a friend. Remember its coming thru the internet. Never know what can leak thru before you get it.

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