Blocking Spams on IMVU

by Chris9845 · 11 posts
2 years ago
Posted 2 years ago · Author
Hi guys, I have been getting a lot of dms on IMVu from random people. I do not trust it but I am just curious. Are these people who want to h4c|< accounts? They send things like this:

"I'm thinking of trying for the credits completely free. Do you know if it works?"
"I see you have a lot of cool stuff. I guess you used the credit cheat too. It's great isn't it?"
Posted 2 years ago
They are advertising a phishing site. They send out mass messages in the hopes that a small percentage of the people will visit the site and either enter their account information or get their session highjacked.

This particular message is using a URL shortening service called to make the real url less identifiable as a scam. The real url is site claiming to be able to generate credits on your account. I won't post the real url to prevent giving them free advertising and prevent people from clicking on it. It's the same BS tactic scammers have been using for over decades.

Its pretty easy to tell this is a scam. Not only would a normal user not message some random person to ask a question like this (they would go to their friends or a forums like ours) but they are using a url shortner which is common for scammers. If you want to report spam or scammers to them their contact page is at Though this services does look sketchy itself. The site is very plain and the URL is jibberish at least in English.
Posted 2 years ago · Author
Thank you for the information! I was beginning to get curious because I have like four to six people sending me those links everyday.
Posted 2 years ago
Indeed it's all scam and phishing website, I have tried it few times nothing works, even they ask you to confirm if you are not a bot and a real user, after that they ask you to enter your account information and then they show you as they are generating credits for your account, which is never true, after confirmation that you're a real user, some direct you to play surveys, give us your opinions, etc etc which never works, i reckon not all are h4c|<accounts but yeah these stuffs are totally a scam, fake websites which only waste your time and internet usage plus gives you nothing in return also its a great risk of losing your account.
Posted 2 years ago
Yea all they really do is just spam with different accounts and hope that at least one person clicks on it and hijacks their shit. One of my dumbass friends clicked on it and he got h4c|<7d that same day and he spent at least $200 worth of credits on that account. So watch out for those brother.
Posted 2 years ago
Yeah, I had to block messages from non-friends, pepe.
Posted 2 years ago
I received two of these links back to back. Both named Pie and some random number. I just blocked. If you're looking for ways to earn credits or imvu cards, there are a few of them listed on the forums here. I'm not sure how many are still working. If anyone finds any legit ways for people to earn, it would b nice to have an updated post. The only way I knew to make quick credits was by clicking the quizzes on imvu and then changing the end of the url. I think that stopped working already. I haven't gotten around to trying it in a while.
Posted 2 years ago
the thing is imvu is unable to do any thing to stop that i think they like it to make people to lose their accounts and create new accounts so this way can earn more money out of the pockets
Posted 2 years ago
Honestly! Same, every time I log in I have a new message from someone who's profile picture is a default avatar with some random word with a collection of numbers following it! It's pretty annoying honestly. I'm considering disabling messages from non-friends, but I do sometimes get messages from people I meet in rooms and don't necessarily add, and I don't really want to prevent myself from getting those. Other than that website that was brought up that looked fishy, is there another way I can prevent myself from getting these messages? Without turning off messages from non-friends list avatars, I mean. I get waayy too many of those scam URLs and I'd like to stop stupid spam bots or whatever exactly those accounts are from being able to message me that crap once and for all :( any help is appreciated!
Posted 1 year ago
Now the number of spammers who write unnecessary messages has increased and the slightest measure should be taken in this regard.

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