How to h4c|<?

by Tripxxlt · 11 posts
1 year ago
Posted 1 year ago · Author
How do I h4c|< credits or accounts
Posted 1 year ago

We do not support account hacking.

This is a white hat site.

Take that black hat shit somewhere else.
Posted 1 year ago
how can we troll someone who is trying to h4c|< using phishing links ? the ones in inbox get banned soon enough but there are a few who have vip+ap yet they invite you to a room & try to sell you their link, I try to have fun but they boot me out :/
Posted 1 year ago
I went back & forth with a guy who was trying to get my pw & I somehow managed to convince him to give me his pw I posted a bunch of dick pics on his feed then attempted a log in on classic client to get the account banned for 2 weeks. What are better ways to get an account banned for a longer period of time ? Deleting the account or changing passwords would not have been good options since accounts can be recovered & h4c|<7d accounts can be claimed back. What would be the best way to get it either a permanent ban or just something that would make the account useless.

-- Fri Feb 19, 2021 6:46 pm --

Btw your chat was really entertaining lol
Posted 1 year ago
I remember reading that link some where Dom. I couldnt stop laughing. I wish i was good at playing around with these people like you. I just stay far away from them. I see them sending me messages all the time with new account with AP and VIP and yet still guest account wanting to send me to some credit link. Pfft they not getting my account.
Posted 1 month ago
@Don Von Alpha Dom

Definitely aware it's a white hat community for white hat purposes...

But what if you have to go a little gray now and then? Asking for a friend LOL
Posted 1 month ago
@Chief Savage

As long as it's constructive, intel for knowledge sake, or to take down a black hat ...

We don't destroy other people's data and we don't remove someone's access to their own data.
Posted 1 month ago
@Don Von Alpha Dom

Right on I just added a new post to a topic it's really long I think if you get a chance to read that one you'll be a lot more in line with what I was vaguely referencing about here LOL it got me thinking and I had to go post something on the next one but I really do have good intentions and I don't like having to go after people maliciously but I also don't like people thinking they can keep pulling one over on me time and time again either sometimes you have to draw a line of defense. For example the only reason we know that rattlesnakes are poisonous because somebody found out wasn't too many times why they rattle right? So for me it's like sometimes you have to do a little damage fire off those warning shots concept because people think that because you're a good people they can take advantage of that kindness for weakness and it always makes you the bad guy in the end sadly when you decide to stand up for yourself but I could use some guidance and I could use some direction that's been my problem my whole life nothing is ever really fit for me or seemed right but it's easy to tell it's not. There is knowledge and know how that I seek that I'm not comfortable posting about just in case because there are so many people coming here now looking for information and knowledge for ill intent I would like to discuss with you more about Intel and that category when you get the chance if ever Don man much love and respect to you for everything once again!
Posted 1 month ago
@Chief Savage

Sleep on it for a few days before you do anything brash. Retaliation is a slippery slope, and usually not worth your time.

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