Achieving Pro-Creator Status in One Month

by KayJericho · 8 posts
1 year ago
Posted 1 year ago · Author
So, as I stated in a previous post, the tier system has completely changed. I know there was a post on the website that was amazing with guiding with the old system, that's how I first found the mafia XD.

Pro now starts at Tier 7. The points needed to be pro is:
Tier 7: 70 points
Tier 8: 80 Points
Tier 9: 90 Points
Tier 10: 100 Points.

Creation Category:
You can earn in either meshing or texturing. I texture meshes so my example will be off of that.
*Upload 5 items a day, that would be 150 products for an average 30 day month. That will give you 45 points, which is max for this section.*
Congrats you are now Tier 4!!

Sales Category:
This one is harder. Because I've only gotten 5 points in this one, which is in sales. And sales vary! I think it is 5 points for every 1200 items sold, 5 points for every 50000 in sales. I am not a mesher so I cannot tell you what sales derives is, but I am guessing it is about the same. Promo creds: I had 10k last month, and got no points.

Bonus Points:
This is the most important section, because this is the section that will push you over the pro top!
Peer Review: Max points is 30. I suggest doing 10 peer reviews a day. That should push you to the 30 points. I'm doing that this month, I'll update with my results.

Post to Feed: Max Points is 10. Post to feed once a day. That will push you to max points in this section.

Products Purchased: Max points is 10. I purchased 261 items, and got max points. So this one is easy, and between gifting and buying I'm sure we all do that without trying.

Recap: Peer review and shop like crazy and post to feed. For this section that will give you 50 points... Max points for that section is 45.

45+45= 90... You go into the next month as tier 9 and a pro dev! CONGRATS
Posted 1 year ago
Are you referring to IMVU creator tier? I have been sporadically create and only achieve tier 4. Looking at how your guide to point to getting tier 9 seems can be achieved. I will try to apply the method..
Posted 1 year ago · Author

Let me know how it works for you. I'll update it this coming month. This tier system is new, so I'm still learning it. It seems pretty straight forward, and relies mostly on your averages!
Posted 1 year ago
thanks for method!
Posted 1 year ago
The current list of benefits are:

7% per Tier level discount on product submission.
Increased credit transfer limits.
Tier levels 7 and above are awarded Pro Creator status.
Everyone can earn their way to Tier level 10 within 30 days, but staying there forever is a different matter. Tier levels can go up or down depending on what you did in the past month.

Good luck and here's to your success!

So just because you make pro don't mean you will stay Pro if you don't work your booty off :)
Posted 1 year ago
I mean as long as you have a pro badge it wouldnt matter if its a level 7 or level 10 the the discount you get doesnt really make a big difference.
Posted 6 months ago
this was hella useful, after reading all this it made me do another calculation.

sales arent much of a focus for me, so i focus on these.

10 posts to feed = 10 pts ( 1 pt per post)
300 peer review (10-20) per day = 30 pts ( 10 pts per 100 reviews)
40 prods purchased = 10 pts ( 5 pts per 20 prods bought)
submit 20 textured prods or avis = 20 pts (10 pts per 10 uploaded)
submit 5 meshes = 45 pts (maxed for tht section) meshes are 15 pts each
Posted 5 months ago

I ended up using this method and got tier 10 in exactly one month. The bonus points definitely add up, posting to your IMVU Next feed, 7 peer reviews, and community greeter points help alot. Unfortunately I don't have much time in my day to create all day so I just add 1 product each day. The sales move slow but over time it picks up. Advertisement is key, invest in a vu instagram!

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