Is it possible to remove all the furniture & nodes for this?

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by Trigonometry · 4 posts
5 months ago
Posted 5 months ago · Author
Hey guys! I just came across a room I really liked. I was checking out the product and it already had some pre-added furniture and nodes in the house but I was wondering if these can be removed all together. Will a black opacity remove everything or is this that needs to be done further? Like altering the there even an option to alter the mesh?

This is the product in question: ... d=33441130
Posted 5 months ago
bottom line yes it can be done if you know what your doing, 2nd devs and creators are coming down on people altering their rooms so be sure it's ok before you do it so you don't face any mishaps you don't want to deal with later if BE the case. A lot of times to you can scroll thru the list where other creators already created off that room as well and did just what you're saying and see if you can dev off their room if its open or message them and ask for help. It's what I do and it works. Good luck and happy creating.
Posted 5 months ago

Yes putting a black opacity would remove the furniture….but the node will still be there. You are deriving it right? If so….this wont be a problem….
Posted 5 months ago
You still won't know if using the black opacity will work until you try it because in some rooms the mesh is all one. The house and furniture are all linked together, so if you remove one you remove all. Also to remove pose node's you the a file that is a .xsf you upload to your dev creator tool when your creating. Its called poseless.xsf file. I don't know how you would get this file other then google and see what you can find or look in you-tube. Hope this helps some. gl

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