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by xlViking_Ashleelx · 10 posts
3 months ago
Posted 3 months ago · Author
Do you think that
Product Reviews
There are currently no product reviews. (New reviews will appear within 15 minutes.) * You must own this product to write a review
Help at all ? I do mine all the time (takes forever at times) but do you think they help any on tiers and such
Posted 3 months ago
i don't think .. it helps in lvl up creator tiers .
Posted 3 months ago
Good question. I have heard mixed opinions about product reviews, some say they boost your product just a little bit and some say it's completely useless. Personally, I don't have any solid evidence of it being either but I do it anyway. A quick "Thanks for deriving" and rating it 5/5 is enough for me. If anybody has anything else to add, that'd be nice.
Posted 3 months ago
As what I read….product review helps the creator maintain there tier level status….that is why some do reviews on there alt account to help there tier level…..i think this is true…in anyways for me its just giving thanks to the creator for a job well done. If you were the creator….wouldn’t you want people to review and give you a 5 star? Stay safe everyone
Posted 3 months ago
To be honest I haven't really used it nor have received any reviews when I was creating in the past years (not any that I know at least). But seeing that it helps with maintaining the tier level I will be reviewing a lot more things when I buy them
Posted 3 months ago
That's true I guess somebody could do that but I guess no one really cares about imvu reviews
Posted 3 months ago
@Don Von Alpha Dom

Don Von Alpha Dom wrote:
I wonder what keeps someone from giving malicious 1 star reviews just to ruin your tire level.

@Don Von Alpha Dom

I wonder the same way too…..why do someone want to do that…..its really sad.
Posted 3 months ago
Been creating for awhile i have gotten lot of reviews but they never seemed to lower my creator level
Posted 2 months ago

Hello Viking,
* Peer review only to get free credits (of-course promo credits) or Dev Tokens Which help your own products will move through the review process faster when you participate in peer review.
* about creator tiers System renews every 30 days and focuses on two primary categories: recent product Creation and sales. so everyone also have opportunities to gain bonus points while they hone their skills.
* i saved the tiers points since long time in text and i dont mind to share it here for all imvu mafia memebers .

The approximate numbers needed to gain each tier point are as follows, and these numbers are for the whole three month time frame that each tier update covers and not for a single month.

Core Metrics

Sales Direct 1=1761 (1983-2195) 2=2481 3=3532 (4345)

Sales Derived 1=5229 2=8045 3=12103 (12485)

Income Credits 1=49227 (53356) 2=73441 3=100309

Income Promo 1=29355 (39829) 2=45089 3=67080

Unique Metris (only top three scoring metrics count)

Products Recently Submitted 1=51 2=74 ( to 86) 3=103

Products in Catalog 1=129 2=165 3=222

Peer Review Activity 1=1274 2=2002 3=?

Product Rating 1= ? 2= ? 3=4.5

CC Forum Posts “Inactive”

Note: All these numbers were supplied by users, if numbers don't seem to have been changed, it's because there was insufficient data to change them out.

Editing to Add Number of Points needed for each Tier and their submission fee price

Number of Points needed for each Tier level

Tier 0 submission fee 500 credits you need 0 points

Tier 1 submission fee 450 credits you need 1-3 points

Tier 2 submission fee 400 credits you need 4-6 points

Tier 3 submission fee 350 credits you need 7-9 points

Tier 4 submission fee 300 credits you need 10-12 points

Tier 5 (PRO) submission fee 250 credits you need 13-15 points

Tier 6 (PRO) submission fee 200 credits you need 16-18 points

Tier 7 (PRO) submission fee 150 credits you need 19-21 points

Hope this can help you or anyone who want get those new tiers information..

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