Graphic Design Student using Imvu as practice.

by JustAnotherVuGamer · 11 posts
4 years ago in Graphics Design

Do you prefer EDITS or DIGITAL ART

Edits 33%
DigitalArt 67%
Posted 4 years ago · Author
As a graphic design student I have many skills, but now that I'm out of school; I tend not to use those skills so I'm doing a little poll to see which skill would generate more business for me.
Posted 4 years ago
not to sure if u mean making imvu edits? but with digital art, people outside of imvu, need these services for things like websites. so if u are good u can land some free-lancer work to make $$

Good Luck-
Posted 4 years ago · Author

Yes, by edits. I mean editing pictures through photoshop and things like that.
Posted 4 years ago
JustAnotherVuGamer wrote:
@Thirteen100Yes, by edits. I mean editing pictures through photoshop and things like that.


so like photo manipulation yea graphic design can make u some $$$ if ur good. i even see some users on imvu sell they edits for real currency. but graphic design in general u can pull in some $$$ if ur work is good anough. check out sites like freelancer . com search / look at some of the services that are being needed many are needed like programmers and graphic designers.
Posted 4 years ago
You could most definitely make some cash with both these skills outside and inside imvu. Seeing this site is mainly focused around imvu I would propose going around and trying to start your own little imvu business with your editing skills. I know many people are willing to pay credits and real cash for custom profile pictures of their avatars. I would start out by of course having some previous work on hand to show off your skills in using Photoshop on your imvu profile to grab attention. More people will most likely be willing to pay with credit currency so don't expect to pay your bills doing these services. Good luck my friend.
Posted 4 years ago

There is a number of people that makes some money editing IMVU pics for a paypal payment. Some a pretty successful. If you are talented enough, sure enough the word will spread about your work.

Good luck on that. :)
Posted 4 years ago · Author
I noticed that my post might have been a bit unclear for people who weren't familiar with the turns so here's an example of each, and both are works by me.
Posted 4 years ago

One option for you is freelancing. there are plenty of websites where you can bid for pieces of work and every job you deliver gives you points. IN time you will be able to build a good profile and will be easier to find freelance work. Initially it is hard as a new user.
Posted 4 years ago
There are lots of freelancer work out there. Plenty of websites offering opportunities. All you have to do is try bidding for some work. Why do work for free when you can put your skills to good use and make some money from it as well. I would suggest you to try your luck and see how it goes.

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