Looking for "Stickers only" code

by CredsKing · 5 posts
3 years ago in Graphics Design
Posted 3 years ago · Author
So i'm building a website for myself and one thing i needed was an html code
for my stickers. I have payment stickers where people can pay me for services I offer,
however I wanted them in an organized manner where i can have all my stickers 10k - 200k
all sorted out without me having to manually do it. I create and have more than stickers
in my shop, so that's kind of a problem to have only stickers.

Is there a way or code to organize only my stickers from my shop or do I have to do code it manually?
Posted 3 years ago
You'd have to code it manually. You could create an array in javascript and have it dynamically build the html for you but there isn't really an easy way to get your sticker data from IMVU.

You'd have to write a spider to crawl your catalog using your account info if you have ap stickers. But unless you're constantly adding new stickers the effort wouldn't be worth it.

Easier just code the 10 or more stickers manually either with javascript r completely hard-coded.
Posted 3 years ago
If you give more details about how you want the stickers to be displayed on the page, someone could probably create a basic container with products from your shop filtered on stickers. Or idk, maybe you want them grouped together based on price in more containers.
Posted 3 years ago
If your talking about imvu stickers I would talk to someone that already does what your talking about and see what they are doing to accomplishes that task. Ive seen alot of good displays on home pages.
Posted 3 years ago · Author
Yeah I figured it out, I just simply linked to my sticker page.
Also I could have coded the sticker page on my website through iframe.
But I got it now. Thanks

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