Show off your meshes!

by DataMine · 19 posts
6 years ago in 3D Meshing
Posted 1 year ago
How do I add a picture of my mesh in here?
Posted 1 year ago

hi there been few ages i been here i been sick in rl
im mossydixie oon there yes you can
Posted 1 year ago
I tried Sketchup for rooms and ended up switching to Blender. Really like the results of my first basic room:

Posted 1 year ago

Sup Data. I did upload the mesh for IMVU.

Export wise, everything is expedited via the IMVU Studio ToolKit that I use in blender. Adding and arranging furniture (wall, ceiling, floor) nodes are easy and they come parented to 'skeleton.Room' once added. I assign a vertex group to the room mesh I made, parent it to the Skeleton node and then export via FBX. I'm not the best at explanations so these are some good resources* for you or anybody else who wants to use Blender to mesh rooms: [How To Make A Simple Room For IMVU In Blender] [IMVU Creatoring Hangout Day 4 - Room (garage) skeleton set-up] [IMVU Studio Learning Session 8 - Toolkit for Meshers (Blender)]

Posted 1 year ago · Author

Thanks for this. I wasn't even aware there was a toolkit. I've been using the built FBX exporter.

Btw, you can post videos using the youtube bbcode
[youtube]VIDEO ID[/youtube]
or a smaller version using
[ytsm]VIDEO ID[/ytsm]

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