How many followers do you have?

by Juancito · 30 posts
1 year ago
Posted 1 year ago

My account is new so around 50? I got to meet new people lol
Posted 2 weeks ago
I have just over 1000 subscribers now. However, this is just the beginning.
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Posted 1 week ago
Even though IMVU claims there are six (probably one will have deleted his account), there are actually only five.
Four of which are people who had sent me a friend request that I had initially accepted but then removed.
I assume they don't even know how to remove the follow or that they didn't realize they were still following me.
Posted 1 week ago
10 Following

If I had the patience and cared about it enough, I'd individually block and unblock the people on the followers list so I can keep the numbers true. I've never paid any attention to the followers thing tho, so it's not a big deal.
Posted 1 week ago
I've got 1,292 Followers and Following 985. My Instagram followers I have 133 and I follow 178. I'm not as active on Insta but I try to post every now and again.

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