wana play MMORPG? TERA? WELL U CAN.,

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5 months ago
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prviate server make
go check it out mmorpg fans.

…is a TERA private server. The most popular PvE TERA private server with free premium elite benefits and tons of old dungeons re-enabled! A free to play MMORPG with the only true action combat.

TERA Private Server Highlights:

Free to play:
● You can obtain all cosmetics & items just by playing the game

Premium Benefits:
● Elite status is active for all accounts

Easy Leveling:
● Every character starts with a level 70 scroll
● Improved experience if you choose to level normally

PvE Focus:
● No open world PvP
● Only consentual PvP through duels, GvG, battlegrounds, etc.

● No junk stat rolls

● Easier Artisan tests
● Less resources required

● Improved success rates
● Enchantment advantage
● Gear does not lose enchantment levels
● Gear does not get damaged
● Reduced gold cost

● Increased item drop rates
● Additional item drops

● Custom token shops
● Custom event shops
● Custom mystery & dungeon merchants

● Can obtain almost all cosmetics through the dressing room
● Can obtain costumes & weapon skins through fashion coupon shop
Posted 3 months ago
never played it but i played games like that on playstation

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