if you could go to sleep in 5secs how would u do it.

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by Deleted user · 8 posts
5 months ago
Posted 4 months ago · Author
soo how would i fall asleep in 5secs? i would clap my hands and nock my self out with a cast iron pan.


Posted 4 months ago

I'd say "Alex, put me to bed" ... and a trap door with a slide would open up beneath me. I would land in a giant canopy bed with 50 luxury pillows, 100% dark, 100% quiet, 66 degrees, high pressure, and a deep low noiseless vibration. Wife would suck my dick and ride me. Five seconds after I cum, I'd fall asleep, and she'd kiss me on the head and say "I love you now and forever, more than anything".
Posted 2 months ago
Just by maintaining a good schedule by trying daily to sleep around same time daily, when it will go in your habit you will start to easily get sleepy at that time so as soon as u will hit ur head on pillow You will not even know when you got into your dreamlands.
Posted 1 month ago
i would do a "finger gun" to my face like a suicide, but when i "pull the trigger" i would go to sleep, imagine that, is like hey family im gonna sleep baaaaaay! -ded-
Posted 1 month ago
Just Put My Head On The Pillow

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