who's the best? Messi or Ronaldo

by CRseller · 5 posts
9 months ago in Off Topic
Posted 9 months ago · Author
Choose one! Ronaldo is my choice.
Posted 9 months ago
Ronaldo is definitely better than messi
Posted 9 months ago
Messi! He's my GOAT
The way he plays with the ball is so magical. Personally, I don't think there's any player who's been more effective on the ball and mesmerizing to watch than Lio.
Also, the numbers wouldn't lie :P Ballon d'Ors, World Cup, UCL, domestic leagues and cups, you name it he's won it all
Even right now in MLS, he's been so effective and the whole team plays so much better with Messi as the focal point of their attack.

Not denying Ronaldo's brilliance, but Messi always got a special place in my heart <3
Posted 9 months ago

As a soccer player myself id know more about this but messi has won i believe 20 awards more than renaldo renaldo has less speed but more shooting power messi has more stamina and has scored more goals than renaldo so ima go with messi
Posted 9 months ago
not much into that sport but ronaldo is better then messi even though they both helped their teams win championships but its just in a one on one matchup ronaldo would kill messi with his speed

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