Character Animation Toolkit (CAT)

by Axiom · 5 posts
7 years ago
Posted 7 years ago · Author
Hello, If you're working in animations like me, then you shouldn't miss the opportunity to learn to use the CAT objects.

:star: What is this

CAT (Character Animation Toolkit) is a character-animation plug-in for 3ds Max. CAT facilitates character rigging, nonlinear animation, animation layering, motion-capture import, and muscle simulation.

:star: Where you can find it

In Create submenu :arrowr: Helpers :arrowr: scroll the drop-down menu until CAT objects :arrowd:


:star: Getting Started: Rigging with CATRigs

The CATRig is the hierarchy that defines the CAT skeletal animation system. It is a fast, sophisticated yet flexible character rig that is designed to let you create the characters you want without having to write scripts.

:star: Working with Poses and Animation

CAT provides tools for working with motion data, including importing, mapping, retargeting and editing. You can save individual animation layers and even whole layer stacks for reuse, including on other characters.

CAT includes the following utilities, available from the Animation menu.

Standard menu: Animation menu > CAT submenu

Enhanced menu: Animation menu > CAT Character submenu

Capture Animation: A tool for transferring animation from one character or hierarchy to another.

Pose Mixer: Specifically designed to provide a flexible workflow for bones-based facial animation.

Apply Max IK: Use IK systems from 3ds Max to animate CATRigs.

:coin: TUTORIALS :coin:

Posted 7 years ago
Thank you oodles, Axiom for the great info. Max has so many avenues to create to come to end results, some methods are just a pain in the ass tedious. Will have to test out CAT. Looks simple enough to learn and use. THANKs
Posted 4 years ago
This looks awesome! Can't wait to check it out... and omg that chubby baby demon is adorable!
Posted 4 years ago
ur awesome bro good job

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