The IMVU Mafias Two Weeks Of Halloween (closed)

Don Von Alpha Dom
by Don Von Alpha Dom · 58 posts
1 year ago
Posted 1 year ago · Author
:pumpkin: The IMVU Mafias Two Weeks Of Halloween :pumpkin:

Happy Halloween Mafiosos! You want some free shit? I bet you do mate. Tis time to go out in force and party like it's 2022. End of the world! Apocalypse baby! Burn the barbie! This might be our last one. Who knows if the AI robot overlords will let us have another Halloween after they take over. Fuck those bitches! Down with sleep! Down with the rules! Deep throat and suck down candy like your life depends on it. This is mother fucking HALLOWEEEEEEEN!!!!! We've found the best of the best Halloween parties we want you to attend, cause we always have your back. Mafiosos for life! This shits about to get bangin with the Alpha Dom!


:pumpkinkitty: 500 medits for each event you show up to and take a picture with a fellow mafioso. Post and attach your pictures in the thread bellow. One post per event. Name the event in your post.

:pumpkinkitty: Bonus 250 medits per event if you say the magic words into the IMVU room's chat, "Kahonas Jabronas Mafiosase!". You're a wizard Harry!

:pumpkinkitty: Total Possible Medits: 7,500 - worth $15 in mafia store credit! We're practically giving away dildos!

:pumpkinkitty: Costume Contest: $10 IMVU gift cards will be given to the top 3 participating mafiosos

:pumpkinkitty: Exclusive light up pumpkin dildo. You want it? You fucking get it! We really are giving away dildos!

See event locations: (login to Discord and click links for details)

  1. Oct 20th, Devils: ... 9730122762

    Spoiler: Details

    output (1).jpg

    Time: 2PM - 10PM GMT-4

    I can already tell this will be one hell of a party with this weeks Devil theme, get your horns and tails ready and throw on some wings too if you like, LIVE DJ for music and fun and dancing with amazing people. Hope to see you all there. Aldo please keep your KBS less then 4k to reduce lag.


  2. Oct 21st - Oct 22nd, Halloween Fest: ... 0235930685

    Spoiler: Details


    Time: 10AM - 10PM GMT-4

    Great music, good people, and fun! KB limit 3300. Costumes mandatory. Room may fluctuate between GA and AP rating. Some of the music will be explicit. Room owner boots if you friend request or kiss anyone without permission. Join the group for details and DJ schedules: ... %2Bstormy/

    Location: /

  3. Oct 22nd, 2nd Annual Halloween Monster Mash: ... 4985102488

    Spoiler: Details

    output (3).jpg

    Time: 7PM - 1AM GMT-4

    2nd annual Halloween dance party. Please be dressed in GA costumes, so pictures can be taken.


  4. Oct 23rd, Family Harvest Brunch:

    Spoiler: Details

    output (4).jpg

    Time: 9AM - 1PM GMT-4

    Family brunch, all are welcome.


  5. Oct 23rd, GenoWeen - Ghostly Shadows: ... 1060328539

    Spoiler: Details


    Time: 2PM - 3AM GMT-4

    Genovese Halloween Event. Costume Contest, Best Solo Costume, Best Couple Costume, Worst Costume.. Games during the event. Cursed Words and 35k in prizes!

    Location: /

  6. Oct 27th, Hallowen Masquerade: ... 7208850513 /
  7. Oct 28th, Halloween Pop: ... 1160473680 /
  8. Oct 29th, Bianchi Mafia Halloween Party: ... 0636268554 / /

    Spoiler: Details

    bianchi ween.jpg

    Time: 10:30AM - 11:45PM GMT-4

    Music, prizes, come in costume have a grand ol’time. Let’s drink, eat candy, and have a great time!


  9. Oct 29th, Web Of Silk Spooktakular Evening: ... 2205967360 /

    Spoiler: Details


    Time: 4PM - 1AM GMT-4

    Join us for an evening at Club Silk.


  10. Oct 30th, True Crime Trivia : Halloween Edition: ... 3531520031 /
  11. Oct 30th, McLoughlin's Haunted Ballroom: ... 2319314000 / ... in+Kastiel
  12. Oct 31st, Zombie Apocalypse and Potato Chips: ... 9887837337 /

:reindeer: :ghost: Run mother fucker! Run!

Keywords: IMVU Halloween Party 2022

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Posted 1 year ago
Did you say LIGHT UP PUMPKIN DILDO!!!! Sold!! :pumpkinkitty:
Posted 1 year ago · Author

Discord is free; available over both mobile and PC. We use discord to keep track of our IMVU events because they have an easy to use events system, which automatically converts between timezones and alerts RSVPS when the event is starting.
Posted 1 year ago
Theres parties :awesome15: :dancingbannana:
Seems neat, lol a light up pumpkin dildo :awesome40: just when you thought you've seen it all. :dancingbunny:
Posted 1 year ago · Author
If the room is full, send an IMVU message to the room owner / current occupants, requesting an invite into the room. Even if the room is full, people who are already inside of the room can invite you in.
Posted 1 year ago
@Don Von Alpha Dom
Light up dildo here i come! Oct 20th, Devils

Snap_K9BfVGoPcW1724135811 (1).jpg

-- Thu Oct 20, 2022 10:49 pm --

@Don Von Alpha Dom
Dear, couple edits to the events.

Genovese's Oct 22nd, Eleganza Extrvaganza!!!! Drag Show is now going to be a Genoween party with 30k in prizes to be won and a cursed word game where you might end up locked in a cage if you say the cursed words.

Callaghan's Oct 29th, Sadie's 10th Anual Spooktacular is switching up to something else as well. Don Callaghan is working on this right now.

I will get you all the details ASAP.
Posted 1 year ago · Author
Drag show on the 23rd was canceled by the venue due to issues finding even a single mafioso interested in dressing up in drag. :kat_emoji20:

So ... instead we are re-directing everyone towards GenoWeen, a party with costume contests and games on the 23rd.

We'll try again for a drag show next year.

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