Market Safety Reminder

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by DataMine · 80 posts
4 years ago
Posted 4 years ago · Author
The staff here at the IMVUMafias want you to stay safe when buying from sellers on our market. To that end, keep the follow things in mind when making a purchase.

Sellers on our market are required to accept business through our site's PM system. If for any reason a seller refuses to use our PM system to conduct business with you, be wary and do not send them any money. We cannot provide any help if you conduct business over 3rd party services such as KiK or via email.

When sending money through PayPal always make sure the "PayPal Purchase Protection" option is selected. If you don't, your transaction is not protected and you cannot get a refund if you get scammed. If the seller refuses to accept payment with this option enabled, report them to us immediately and do not send them any money.

For more information on market rules, regulations and safety practices, read our Terms of Service here: terms_of_service.php

For additional questions and information about products, See our FAQ before purchase or contact the seller listed on the product's page.

And as always, don't hesitate to ask questions to our staff or the seller before paying.
Posted 4 years ago
Well said DM. This system is providing the means for me to sell my earned credits and services in a safe and organized manner. I've bought some programs from DM, Some accounts from third party sellers and currently selling credits in the market. I also added a new service to my catalog. Feel free to view the link
Posted 4 years ago
Awesome thanks
Posted 4 years ago
I agree. The most I look for when buying is looking at others karma too. I learned that the karma that someone has and the comments left are a food indicator of if they can be trusted and also how long they've been apart of the community and also how many posts they have. I'm kind of weary of only a few posts and no karma.
Posted 4 years ago
i agree i was weary, i have only shopped from MizzKitty before and the sale was professionally done, i always look out for her when i go to the buy credits section.
Posted 4 years ago
crackedpoet wrote:
i agree i was weary, i have only shopped from MizzKitty before and the sale was professionally done, i always look out for her when i go to the buy credits section.

And I appreciate the love. :katheart1:
I try my damnedest to reply with in less that 24hours. I'm always checking my PMs and making sure to keep good communication with my buyers. ^-^

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