IMVU 'auto-blocking' users for specific language?!?

by Soulljah · 11 posts
1 year ago
Posted 1 year ago · Author
Has anyone else heard or experienced this recently - or ever for that matter?

Hello! Has anyone heard about words or expressions that trigger an autosent to the imvu police? I had never heard bout it until one of my friends got sent to imvu jail for 2 weeks. He was in a public room of his, AP, with one of his friends and his rl cousin. His friend talked about having loaned $2,000 to his rl girlfriend. My friend answered that for $1,500 he would suck that guy's pixel dick. Seconds later he was disabled for two weeks and received a message saying "we have evidence that you recently solicited other users for sex or cybersex for gifts or credits. We have temporarily disabled your account for 2 weeks due to this Terms of Service violation"... He called imvu and they confirmed him that he hadn't been flagged but that what he said in that room triggered that autosent. The guy who answered him read him the convo that got him disabled. And said "pixel privates" because he couldn't even say on the phone "pixel dick". All this is really crazy. If a simple joke with adult friends get you disabled now...

Now this sounds sketchy to me but the friend who sent this swears nobody in the room, all friends of his, flagged him. If VU is now monitoring public room convo's, where will the shyt end? Again, I am myself skeptical of this. The friend who passed me this is not prone to panic or exaggeration so I am simply passing it on. If anyone can corroborate then this would be really bad and I feel also illegal.
Posted 1 year ago
No but I'll tell you what they have been doing I know for a fact from first hand experience is they've got seasoned accounts and people that are hardcore creators that feel like what we do takes away out of their pocket because they're not smart enough to do it with us so they'll have you invite them if you know you got a room you're obviously not going to hang out in the public one to do it cuz eventually you learn young one you don't use your triggers in the public rooms unless they are yours and you make sure people aren't screenshotting or taking photos posting because it registers everything in that room or tries to. So I do believe they've got something being put in place that is an auto removal because they're censoring certain URLs and stuff now that they weren't before as well in messages it'll act like it's sending as a comment but it'll never show up in the comment box.

So you never use your stuff in public can't stress that enough it's risky to use it with people you don't know at this point because they've got a bunch of Undercovers going down I had one try to catch me on trying to market that take screenshots of what's going on and then they report it and everything is well father sitting here pretending that they're having fun I can't trust nobody these days....

Unless they're established Mafia here!
Posted 1 year ago
Oh yeah it auto deletes cuss words off of your postings it censoring and limiting comments and messages their post scanning tool is somehow being utilized to catch items that aren't proper that's how my last account got disabled I never use my to shit in a public room but I didn't realize taking a picture in the room that was BM inappropriate clothing would do it either......

All over the place right now for some reason they're scattering like crazy I thought I'd joined a server bash this morning because there was like 23 people in a 10-person room but turns out that's not what they were doing but that's what I was doing when I invited two lists full of people haha. I went in a room where I had a couple of friends earlier and somebody was pretending they could pull IPS and docs I had to shut them down real quick. They weren't even giving proper IP address format they admitted in a whisper that they were just putting random numbers to scare people so when I inform them who I was they stopped talking instantly something about an invite link to the mafia page was not welcomed by a fake haha. And then I always throw my buddies news article archive link up and say this is my buddy that I get a hold of when I don't know what I'm doing would you like me to call him up? That shuts them down quick too when they read how he shut down to Walmart's three schools swatting the arch nemesis...

So I'm getting really good at this babbling for medits.. but I'm trying to not abuse it I just need to get more opinionated on multiple topic forums posts
But yes they've definitely been utilizing some new tools of some sort and they're getting a lot more people to run around and trap people I feel like. They don't scare me though I still let people know that there are people out there fighting for them everyday I'm a little bold about it more than I should be probably but I've been so used to being a ghost in their face that it's just nothing new for me and we got to have some sort of marketing word of mouth on this platform over there if we want to keep growing here. How long has it been since the mafia is made foundation shaking move that ring through everywhere?

To me it feels like it's about time for another wake up call for the company that's something I think I might start a topic on and the war room if that's okay.. I am a very passionate activist most call radical when it comes to the things I am passionate about such as this family and mission...

-- Thu Mar 17, 2022 10:57 pm --


I thought me and my family on there I had credits dropped too one of them mentioned he had lived through 12 presidents and they instantly disabled his account either because somebody reported that came in he said and stuck his head in the conversation without knowing babbled off you're only 12 years old and he said no I've lived through 12 presidents and they permanently disabled his account and it's a cold war veteran said that on his account....
Of which I definitely want to see if we can try to pull his avatars and clone his outfits for him he has never spent a dollar on the app he's literally done all three survey credits and shit and he had so much pride in the stuff he had I thought it was because the 10K I had dropped on him that he never even got to spend out of it but they said it was his age problem so if we can do something to help the guy I'd appreciate it family let me know he's got multiple accounts I'd have to find out which one he wants help on otherwise one of the things I'm doing because I feel like I bring attention everywhere I go anyway and him hanging around me I thought it was the cause of it and it turned out not to be but just as easy could have been I ruffle feathers it's my thing
Posted 1 year ago
I wonder if they can monitor private room convos as well. Im guessing they cant but you never know with them at this point
Posted 1 year ago · Author
I have no doubt that they COULD be doing this. I have done enough packet capturing while I was in rooms both public and private to see that all convos are transmitted in unencrypted text. What I guess I find surprising is that with ~65,000 users (about half of what it was back in the day - lol) they would spend that kind of money to monitor all online convos at any given moment. Well, that and the fact that VU still transmits unencrypted text but that's a different discussion. Making us feel like enemies of the state. Just shakin' my head ... and watching what I say ...

And so nobody gets the wrong idea, I can only capture my side of any convo. I see my comms with the VU server and the server's responses back to me, nothing more.
Posted 1 year ago
I think website could get a good law suit over this if in fact they are Invasion your Privacy with out good cause.

Look up.. What Is Invasion of Privacy?


Can Teams admin see private chats?
Yes. The Global Administrators and the People with the Administrator role can easily check your private chats on Microsoft teams. (That goes for any webserver) As you are chatting on the company server or project, the administrators have access to everything. VU keeps a log as well but on another site i once played on and this way 10 yrs ago mind you, they were already then holding keystroke chat in a data-base. Only if the court or law needed them to go into these chat files were they able to do it.Now today im not sure what laws are in place but I know online security is HIGH.
Posted 5 months ago
well...i guess they can? o-o still scary tho...cuz uhh i was in a private chat with a friend and i got this: Your message was not delivered due to a possible Community Guidelines violation.

the message i was trying to send was: old school china shit

i sent a pic of that to my friend and he tried....the same thing happened lol but it wont pop up if u just type in old school china shi
Posted 5 months ago
i have experienced a similar situation, i typed "you a respectable gay man" in a conversation to someone and got this auto message, it said Admin Whispers: Your message was not delivered due to a possible community guideline violation.
and the following day i had an inbox message saying - An IMVU user has complained that you were abusive during a 3D chat. We have reviewed the conversation log that they sent us and found it to be in breach of the IMVU terms of service. Please read the TOS for guidance as to what is and is not appropriate on IMVU.

previous to all this a friend got their account banned without any reason last year in December 2022 , and according to them, it was cos her age was not real, but she has no idea how the ban took place as she never discussed her age with anyone and she is 24 in real and also showing on her account age, but for some reason imvu gave a permanent ban, even after submitting a ticket they didn't unban her and didn't explain the reason for the ban in the first place.

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