The option to permanently delete inventory items is upon us

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by Trigonometry · 9 posts
5 months ago
Posted 5 months ago · Author
Hey Mafia. I had some free time this evening and decided to snoop around the IMVU Suggestions and Feedback forum for a bit and stumbled upon an interesting answer from our Senior Community Manager ShannonMac:
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This feature could be trivial to some but after having my main account for over 12+ years, I have definitely amassed quite the collection of interesting products. Hopefully when we actually do delete the item, it does not bug out like the 'hide' item feature and return.

Aside from this, I'm still waiting for IMVU to implement a mass-hide component for creator's products. Having the option to hide your entire shop or at least let us choose multiple products to hide at once so we don't have to individually visit each page to click a damn red button would be extremely convenient. Especially if you know you're about to be disabled. :-#
Posted 5 months ago
Sounds dangerous ... imagine IMVU malware that loops through your inventory and deletes everything using this feature ...

We already saw similar malware using the hide feature in the past to mass hide all of a user's pants and make them think their pants had been deleted, but at least they could easily recover from that by un-hiding everything. I don't think IMVU staff thought this one all the way through.
Posted 5 months ago
Available via micro transaction of $2 every product, likely.
Posted 5 months ago · Author


Both of you bring up good points. You know I assumed that they are allowing diamond users to experience deleting items first and will then make the feature accessible to the rest of the community after a few test runs and bug fixes. But if they do hide it behind the Diamond-VIP-Tier paywall, that would be an absolutely stupid move on IMVU's part. After you permanently delete all the items the feature kind of fizzles out. More importantly, Don makes mention that this option could have more bad implications than good. Yikes. Just have to wait and see with our fingers crossed.
Posted 4 months ago
looks to me that theyre in the process of havin' users pay twice. once for the item and again for ability to delete it.

they also clearly stated delete and not return for a refund if u bought the item urself. now if someone was gifted an item then accidentally deleted it, would it be permanent? if so then both the gifter and receiver would be at a loss but imvu would benefit. the least they could offer for that case would be a 7 day time period to cancel or undo the deletion
Posted 4 months ago
very interesting...but from reading that post it seems like to be only clothes, rooms, furniture, etc. doesn't seem to be including homepage stickers...but like what @Caleidanna said...would it be a permanent deletion? i do agree with the 7 day window to recover the item if someone accidently deletes an item. i do wonder tho...if someone deletes something that was from a bundle...would the whole bundle get deleted as well? but seeing how the items get separated into their respected categories once gifted im assuming it's a no....
Posted 4 months ago

u made a good point bc i didnt even think about stickers. on the other hand badges on ur profile card can be deleted easily but if its the free autogrant ones then its easy to get back. same for wishlist items. its really about time they made deletin' inventory items an option

a suggestion i saw was to at least also allow users with a registered name and not just vip but it should be free bc there are tons of guest users who been usin' imvu for years spendin' time and money that it wouldnt be fair to exclude them. if u can be a guest user and have the option to buy credits or shop in the catalog then u should be able to be a guest user to delete unwanted items

now allowin' guest users to have one free public room was somethin' that made ppl want to make more accounts and have imvu miss out on room slot sales but that wont be a result of this planned feature

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