Site Activity Report - June [Great Job Everyone!]

Don Von Alpha Dom
by Don Von Alpha Dom · 6 posts
1 year ago in Mafia News
Posted 1 year ago · Author
We saw quite the uptick in activity this month. Between several RP events hosted by our Discord servers, huge increases in posting / new topics on our forums, and new software / products developed by our scientists; the TIM Family has really kicked off this summer with a bang. June highlights included increased activity in the Adult Corner of our forums (including new escorts and adult games), ongoing training in our White Hat Cyber Security forums, continued research by our mobile development team, updates to our medals system by Underboss
, phenomenal sales of our new "68 Pose Fuck Me Everywhere Pool House", and The Midsummer Mafia Masquerade hosted by The Commission. 2022 is going to be one of the best summers ever. Go TIM Family! Go mafiosos! Thank you to everyone who supports us. Keep it up!


Posted 1 year ago
thank you all for this great community !!
Posted 1 year ago
:tlasmooth: now that's what I'm fucking talking about! I've been braving wars on the app by letting people know about us without always being direct I've had a few people say that they were going to check my validity and try to say I was doing things in a poor way but I figure hey if you're hating on me that means I'm doing something right exactly but anyway yes it's about time I think that the syndicate let's the app developers have a friendly reminder that we're still out here doing our thing but maybe that's just cuz I'm a whole radical activist (gunho) person who wants to see change things are definitely digressing on the mobile side as far as their end at least...

Also anybody who is experienced in the mobile area and would like to step up to the plate keep moving this massive machine of an organization forward and better things for those around the world ... I'd appreciate if you reach out to me so we can start forming a team focused on mobile!

I know most of you old school cats don't like it but it's time you wake up and realize it with all due respect.. welcome to The Future :tla2: :clock:

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