Site Activity Report - October - [Fall Rewards Program]

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by Don Von Alpha Dom · 10 posts
4 months ago
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October 2022 TIM Site Statistics

From pumpkin dildos to stuffing the turkey like its your bitch, Fall is freaky as shit with The IMVU Mafias. October saw decreased registrations and increased activity, normal annual trends for the fall season as students head back to school and mafiosos loyal to the family continue their careers in "waste management". Notable events in October included The IMVU Mafias' Two Weeks of Halloween Parties (hosted by the mafia discord servers and other allies across over a dozen IMVU chat rooms), massive updates to the automation of our black market order delivery system by underboss
, and partnering with The Collective for events.




IMVU Mafias Summer Rewards Program

As activity increases on our site, it is time to recognize family members who are giving it their all.

I am proud to introduce TIM's October 2022 Rising Stars. Rising stars are new members who have shown their loyalty to the TIM Family by consistently logging in and posting. All Rising stars will be rewarded with 2.5k medits and the M.A.N. (Most Active Noob) medal. Congrats rising stars!

  • @Jester24
  • @4beb
  • @MickyBiggy
  • @kzar1211
  • @Hushuuu69
  • @sadecatgirl
  • @Bedroom Eyes
  • @AndyGenovese


Next is an individual who has earned the title of Mafioso Of The Month,
for his contributions to IMVU White Hat activities, with his impressive security tutorials, and the protection of fellow mafiosos. This member has shown us all how a little push in the right direction can make a huge difference in the lives of many. He shall be rewarded 10k medits and the M.O.M. (Mafioso Of The Month) medal. Congrats AgainThere!


Keep logging in, posting, and attending events! We'll be doing this again next month. And watch our discord servers for many more upcoming parties and events, including Friendsgiving on November 19th, and Kinky Movie Night on November 25th.
Posted 4 months ago
I appreciate your awarding system and the way of motivation your family members, we are all members of the familia here and to do something for the family is our priorties without thinking of any return for it.
Thank you so much for awarding us in such plesant way :)

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